1977 Yamaha XS650…

Posted: May 17, 2014 in Just Me
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So last weekend I finally got around to collecting my 77 XS650 roadster, and with a little light fettling, it eased its way through the UK ministry road worthyness test, and so is once again a road legal motorcycle. But it is not all as clear cut as that seems at first. The bike has problems, not great big pull your hair out problems, but the smaller mess up your weekend type, that cause extra shed time that could better be used out on the road having fun.

77 Yamaha XS650

77 Yamaha XS650

The worst of these issues is the clutch, it is pretty much useless, making it hard to change gear, and dragging at the stop lights, or junctions, causing a problem with finding neutral, just a real pain. But I shall be opening that side of things up tomorrow to see what lurks within, and maybe get to the bottom of the problem.



Next in line are the carbs, I have balance these up, and whilst it starts easy enough on the kicker, and pulls like a train on acceleration, it is a bit rough on the road when held at steady revs, so I shall pull the carbs and run them through an ultrasonic bath, to see if that improves things.

Lastly for now on my list is the fact it smokes, now this could be because it has stood for too long, or maybe the rings are worn? I am not sure right now. But I shall worry over this problem when I have the first two sorted out.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy with this bike, infact I love the thing, it reminds me so much of my old Triumph T100.

So tomorrow, I start going in, I wonder what I shall find.

1977 XS650 Roadster

1977 XS650 Roadster



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