Norton Knucklehead…

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Just Me
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I found these pictures on the internet the other day, whilst looking for information on Manx Nortons, the bike is apparently a 1951 Manx garden gate, with a fitted Harley Knucklehead motor, that is all I know. I could not find any other info on this bike. Who built it, where it was built, where it is now? all just a mystery at the moment.

But it sure does have that cool factor.

I wonder if anyone reading this will be able to fill in some of the spaces with regards this bike… Well, someone did and has replied, please read Fred’s reply below, it is great to have some of the back story. Thanks Fred.

Norton Harley Special

Norton Harley Special



A Tight Fit

A Tight Fit

  1. Jeff Craig says:

    That Norley was built by Bill Selby in Philadelphia in the late 50’s he built 2 Plunger bikes, one featherbed and his last project was a featherbed with an Indian Scout motor.

  2. fred sinton says:

    Recently back from Vietnam I was aimlessly wandering around town , saw this mechanical beauty in 1973 in Chadds Ford ,Pa. Caleb Cressman was owner and he collaborated with Bill Selby during project’s stages of creation . 1947 engine source was Mr. Geissler of Lenni ,Pa. Given this time frame (and Caleb’s story of driving Phila. Draft Board crazy during his physical in 1967 , 401 N. Broad St. Phila.) I believe Bill Selby constructed this bike with Caleb in early 70’s . Caleb passed in 2011 , gotta write this down , memory is failing . – Fred

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