Playing Catch-up, Part One…

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Just Me
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Velocette Day…

My local branch of the Velo club always put on a good open day, and this year was no exception. It was a perfect English summer day, following on from what was the fiercest thunder storm I can remember overnight. It was like a war zone here in Berkshire, I have truely never heard thunder so loud and for so long, and that was followed by monsoon style rain, amazing stuff.

But today was fine, the air was clear, the humidity had gone, and England was the green and pleasant land we all know and love. So I called up a couple of friends from the Triumph club, and we hit the lanes, crossed the Thames, hit some more lanes, and headed for the Cherry Tree, a lovely little country pub, and today it was playing host to the Thames Valley Velocette Owners club…

I like the Velocette owners club, they are happy to see you turn up, no matter what you ride, they just appreciate the fact that you bother to come and support them. Other clubs could learn from this openess,and hospitality, in these days of diminishing membership numbers.

A great day out. well done all concerned.

Now don’t forget when looking at the pictures that every bike you see, was ridden to the pub, to trailer queens here, no way, no sir. Ride the things, that is what they were built for.

Norton with Brooklands Can

Norton with Brooklands Can



Classic Class

Classic Class

Velocette's in the Garden

Velocette’s in the Garden

If you would like to see some more from the day out, then follow this link to a slideshow of the rest of the pictures I took…

  1. paul trw says:

    all in all kevin a very rewarding day there,, lovely ride good food great pint, lets hope we get more days like that,

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