Netley Marsh…

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Just Me
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Netley Marsh Eurojumble…

I attend this event every year, but this year may well be my last. The numbers were well down on previous years, the Saturday was just a waste of a day, most vendors had or were packing up and leaving by mid morning, but the event organisers still expected visitors to pay the full amount to enter what was in reality a fast emptying field!

Now I have had my moan, I will say that the Friday was still a good day, and I managed to find some good parts for both my Norton’s. including a set of chain cases for the clubman project, which I was very pleased to find.



Here is a link to the slideshow of pictures from Netley Marsh…



  1. rjbuxton says:

    Not having been there before, we found that getting there earlyish on Saturday was a gentle introduction, rounded off by a casual lunch in a food alley that was never busy. A bit like a continental market, but with none of the romance imparted by a foreign language. I found a world seemingly untouched by the recession where rusty hulks were priced as if they were restored bikes and mopeds being sold for sums that belied their humble origins. Yesterday’s working man’s steed has become today’s rich man’s toys.

  2. paul trw says:

    Like you I have been going for years , and it is getting smaller and smaller each year, and to add insult to injury, yes prices are on the rise, but that is not the fault of the show, but what is there fault and that is, to allow none motorcycle stalls to set up , I am not on about the tool stalls or the food outlets, we are motorcyclists we have no interest in jewellery or perfume, we can vote with our feet ,I have , I no longer go to the bath and west show, and I am not on my own, the Morton group keep buying up all our shows and ruining them , one by one they will disappear Netley used to be a 3 day event , now 2 days, soon to be a one day event,

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