Kempton, and My Lock-up, a Motorcycle Weekend…

Posted: May 26, 2015 in Just Me
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What a nice day out was yesterday, it was part of a long weekend over here in the UK, the sun was out with the warmth of early summer, and the air was filled with the smell of oil, rust, and bacon sarnies, for it was another Kempton motorcycle jumble, run by Eric and EGP enterprises.

Shaun, Bob, and Marcus were there, freshly returned from disturbing France. Baza and “dat der Karl” also made an appearance. And of course we had Grandad complete with battle scars, MrEd, and Graham, just to round things off. Perfect. It was nice to see you all.

And of course there were some old rusty piles of junk, that only we could love…. so shall we have a look at what caught my eye this time around? why not…

1950's Peugeot

1950’s Peugeot

Norton Dommie

Norton Dommie

Norton Racer

Norton Racer

AJS Motor

AJS Motor

Yesterday was a national holiday over here in the UK, so I get a bonus garage day….
It was fun too. It started with me fettling the carbs on the TriBsa, this now starts real easy hot or cold, and doesn’t dance across the floor on the center stand like it used to. I then had a go at testing the dynamo, I read up on this on line last night, and it is really quite easy when you know how! the result of which shows my dynamo giving out between 7vdc and 11vdc, which should be perfect when I fit the new regulator. MoT this week? well just maybe.

Next I dragged out the Commando, had a go at setting the carbs on that one too, and then took it for a short ride, it still pops and misses when warm, not sure what is going on there? what a fun bike to ride though.

Next out for a ride was the 1200 Shovelhead, this has been in the garage having new springs in the gearbox, it now changes both up and down, and I can even find neutral now too. I have a mis-fire on this one too, that needs to be sorted, I like the bike, it is fun to ride on the open road, but hates low speed traffic.

Finally I got to have an extended ride on the R80st, this has always been my most reliable bike, until it all went wrong last summer going to the Rabbit rally, but now having bought an Alpha electronic ignition system from Rick at Motorrad Elektric, over in the US, and then having to replace the Dyna coil, it is now running sweeter than ever,
The only bike in the garage I never got to ride was the old Norton project, but that may happen later this year too.

TriBsa 650

Tribsa 650



In the Lock-up

In the Lock-up


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