Instagram TriBSA…

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Just Me
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I saw this cool Tribsa on Instagram, I don’t know who’s bike or any other details, but what a cool bike…



If it is your bike, or you know who owns it please let me know…

  1. Malcolm i Leggett says:

    Hi TRIBSA fans this Bike I recently purchased and as you say it`s a great bike,I purchased it from Venture Classics,cost a bit but hay ho.tiss mine now,if you want to know more visitclassic bike guide No297 January 2016.(front cover spread and all about it it`s not me riding it.regards ,one happy bloke,Mal front Norfolk.

    • englandkev says:

      Enjoy it Mal, it sure looks the part,

      • norfolkmal says:

        Hi englandkev ,bike had some small issues when I got it but as it`s a caf`e racer I need to buy a crash helmet that see`s behind and I found one,may be of interest to you,it`s called a REEVU helmet ,check them out ,has a rear view mirror built in.class…regards Mal.thanks for the bike praise,putting some finishing touches to it now.

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