A Little Winter Camp…

Posted: November 22, 2015 in Just Me
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With just a few short weeks to Christmas, and winter well upon us in the UK, Graham of G&D fame, invited us to a camp down in Kent. In the little village of Wickhambreaux (http://wickhambreaux.org.uk) just on the East side of Canterbury, and surrounded by those lovely little Kent lanes.
As you will see from the pictures, the landlord of the Rose Inn, hosted us by letting us camp in his garden (thanks Paul. nice pub, great staff, good beer)

So bike was readied, camping gear sorted, all loaded and ready to go on Friday, Kent here we come….


Camping at the Rose

Now Saturday was at best blustery, at worst, damn cold and real stormy, the wind at times almost dangerous, so plans had to be changed, we cancelled Grandad, it was probably best to leave him in the crypt, and we cancelled flossie. although we did call round to say hello, but that wind was no fun to be riding in.


Tent time


Classic Camping

Come the evening the weather worsened, with heavy rain, and reports of the possibility of snow!!! but the snow never showed, the wind blew through, and we ended up with falling temps, clear skies, and a good frost.




Heading Out.

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