A Surprise at Kempton…

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Just Me
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So Saturday was another Kempton Jumble, the last one of 2015, and as usual I attended, and it was a good day out. But as I walked across the car park towards the entrance gate, I had a bit of a surprise, for there in the bike park, was a nice old Harley 45, and it looked a lot like my one. As I got closer I could get a better look, and it was indeed my bike!


My WL at Kempton.

Toshi of Bell 45, who has been sorting out my charging issues, had taken the bike for a test ride, and was happy to inform me that all was working as it should now, and the bike was almost ready to come back home.


  1. Ron says:

    Hi, So what did the charging issue turn out to be??

    • englandkev says:

      I shall post up what was amiss when I get the bike back…

    • englandkev says:

      All the problems I was getting came down to the internal wiring of the generator, the gennie was wired wrong inside, the data plate was on the wrong way round, and then the problem spread out from there!
      All is sorted now, and my charge light works as it should, as do all my lights, and without blowing any bulbs.

      Now I can at least ride the bike for a while.
      Roll on spring.

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