Daisy & Kempton…

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Just Me
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I have followed this old Triumph for many miles as we went to one camp or another, infact some of my best motorcycling memories have been following Daisy, and her owner Graham. So I was somewhat surprised to hear through the classic bike grapevine that Graham had sold the old girl! I seem to remember they had covered over 175,000 miles together around Europe. Attending many rallies, in lots of countries.

Yorkshire Quest 001m

Daisy the Triumph Heading for Two Dales.


Daisy In the lanes


Kempton Jumble…

Once again a New Year brings a new Kempton Jumble, and Eric and the crew of EGP made us feel welcome, and even gave us a dry day.

Lots to see, lots to buy, and old friends to catch up with along the way. So all good then.

Kempton-Jan-16_008 copy


Kempton-Jan-16_009 copy

Nice little French Something?

Kempton-Jan-16_029 copy

Very Nice BSA Sloper

And then out in the carpark was this little bobber project in the back of a Chevy Stepside, lots of unusual little tricks and tweaks on this little project.

Kempton-Jan-16_038 copy


I have more pictures on my photo site, you can see them all here…

Kempton Slideshow



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