Sunday Rambling…

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Just Me
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I managed to start the old 62 Panhead this morning, 50 weight oil, cold garage and wet sump, can make it a little sticky! but a little blast of easy start helped get it moving. So I took it for a short ride on a quiet Sunday morning…Sunday Rambling…

IMG_20160124_122151 copy

My 1962 Harley Duo Glide

IMG_20160124_130936 copy

Sunday Morning on the Panhead

A little later after checking up on my old mum, I took a drive over to see Terry, as he mentioned at Kempton that he had just finished the Vincent he had been building. This really is one mans vision on how a Vincent should be put together, not one for the purists, and all built from parts and hand made pieces. The bike looks great in the pictures, but it is even better up close and personal.

Vincent_013 copy

Vincent Special

Vincent_005 copy

Vincent Black Lightning Replica.

  1. kawaspec says:

    From a non Harley man that bike looks great, good year as well 🙂 Iain

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