More Guzzi Chronicles, 3…

Posted: August 13, 2016 in Just Me
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It runs!!

well after I sorted out the wiring it does. in fact it started right up at first push of the start button, and sounds pretty good. I just need to do a bit of tidying up, cables, wiring, etc, the usual stuff. I feel I need to order a new wiring loom from Greg though.


Eldorado 850


Police Dash


YSS Suspension


Borrani Rims


  1. blueline02 says:

    I love the old school Eldorado bikes. I missed out on picking up an intact Eldo and one in pieces for $500, by one week after my mate who imports vehicles from the US brought them in, and had trouble selling them. Still kicking myself.

    Your resto is going great, can’t imagine how cool it would be to ride one of those bikes. Keep up the hard work, keep up the posts, even though I missed out on getting an Eldo, doesn’t mean I can’t still drool over yours.


    • englandkev says:

      Thanks, I actually own two of these, one here in the UK, the other over in the US waiting to be shipped over, older Guzzi’s are quite addictive.

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