Just Like Buses….

Posted: August 14, 2016 in Just Me
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I love Sundays, there is always something to do, but there never seems to be enough Sunday to fit it all in! Today was one of those days, I was up early, the summer sun streaming in through the doors of the barge joined with a cool breeze coming off the river. So I grabbed some money and the keys to the Triumph, and headed out onto empty roads looking for a coffee.
Pretty soon I found a village store that was open and serving coffee, which was followed by a bimble through tiny Berkshire lanes, complete with grass growing along the centre. Next it was over into Hampshire, heading for Popham airfield, where the annual megameet takes place, this is a big bike show and jumble, made even better today by the perfect summer weather.

Once at the show it was nice to see one of the new Brough Superior SS100’s being used out on the road, but just like buses, you don’t get to enjoy just one, but a fantastic site to see two of these rare bikes parked up beside each other…

Popham-2016_011 copy

The Brough Superior

Popham-2016_016 copy

Brough SS100

Popham-2016_013 copy

SS100 at Popham

Popham-2016_005 copy


Popham-2016_006 copy

Brough again

Popham-2016_007 copy

Pure Class

Popham-2016_010 copy

A pair of Brough’s

Popham-2016_008 copy

Superior by name…


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