Moto Guzzi Pattern Parts…

Posted: August 28, 2016 in Just Me
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I have had my fill of badly made over priced pattern parts!

There I have said it! but alas it is true, and I have the proof right here in my little lock up. Three new clutch cables with oversized barrel ends that won’t fit the handlebar lever, and now a replacement handlebar too.
My new handlebar came sealed in a bag and looked fine, so I stripped the old bars from the bike, and fitted the new ones, then I found the throttle tube would not fit the new bars, I had to spend a few hours rubbing down the chrome with emery paper until the throttle would fit. After this I fitted the rest of the items, levers etc..


1973 Eldorado 850

Then when sitting on the bike the bars felt wrong, my arms were at different points, just wrong, so I again stripped the bars and removed them, to see what was wrong…..

Moto Guzzi_005 copy

Guzzi bars rubbed back for throttle to fit

Can you see what’s wrong?

Moto Guzzi_004 copy

These are new pattern bars?

I have it sorted now though, I fitted some Norton bars instead.

  1. takingthehorizon says:

    Haha I love the conclusion. Can imagine the irritation..

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