A New Winter Project…

Posted: September 4, 2016 in Just Me
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As one project gets close to ending (the Guzzi Eldo), then I feel the need for something else to fettle in my little lock up, so look what followed me home from Netley Marsh this weekend…

A 1970 BSA A65 Lightning. Originally found in a barn in Indiana over there in the US of A, and sold by the widow of the owner. it is in amazing unmolested condition, apart from those hideous bars! it still has the original keys for both ignition and steering lock. no rust anywhere and the tank inside is all shiney and new looking. But it could all really do with a good clean.
Yes there are a couple of things that need sorting, fork gaiters, bars, and the rear light lens, and guard were damaged in shipping. but with a battery connected, all the lights etc work, as does the ammeter, and when kicked over there is a good spark at the plugs, and a good oil return at the tank.

BSA_011 copy

1970 BSA Lightning

BSA_025 copy

A65 650cc motor

BSA_026 copy

Needing a little work

BSA_014 copy

A good winter project

  1. v7john says:

    That looks like an easy project and is the basis for a very nice machine. It looks pretty usable as it is. Even with those ‘bars.

  2. englandkev says:

    The pictures flatter the bike

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