Doherty Competition Levers

Posted: October 9, 2016 in Just Me
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I called round to see my old friend Terry the Vincent today, just for a cup of tea and a chat, always a good way to lose an hour, and whilst there Terry gifted me an original genuine pair of of Doherty alloy levers, you see lots of new and a few original Amal versions being sold as Doherty, but the Amal’s are thicker and straighter in the lever, where the much rarer genuine Doherty version have a slimmer profile, and are flatter where your fingers rest.
These are in great condition with the original Doherty stamped clamps, and cap head screws, although one lever end has a little road rash.


Doherty Levers


Doherty embossed clamps


Doherty Competition


Slim profile

And here is a web shot of the Amal style “Doherty” levers for comparison


Replica Amal style levers

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