Triumph Bonneville,The Click of Doom.

Posted: November 16, 2016 in Just Me
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As some of you know I have an 09 865cc Bonneville SE, I got it earlier this year, and as of today I am on my third battery! apparently there is nothing wrong with the batteries, but using the bike around town does not charge them to the required level, and if like me you are unable to put your bike on a battery tender when it is not used, the battery voltage will fall to below 12.6v and then the bike will shut down.

So today I fitted another new battery, and put the older one on charge, and went for a ride and all was good. but I was annoyed about the battery issue, and now carry jump leads with me whenever I take the bike out. So this evening when I had a chance I decided to google surf to try to find a fix for this most annoying problem, that Triumph really should sort out. And I found this……

So maybe this will help one or two of you, I am certainly going to try this next time I get the click of death

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