One Last Step…

Posted: November 23, 2016 in Just Me
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One Last Step…

So I am nearly at the end of my journey, and have one last step to go, in the small matter of getting the Norton registered (getting a title for the US contingent). I started this whole crazy dream back in November 2011, with just a frame I found on Ebay….


Norton project

And now here I am five years later, with a dating certificate telling me the Norton was built at the Norton works factory in Birmingham back on 26th June 1952, and was despatched to  Bennet’s of Southampton. Who knows what the bike got up to in the intervening years, but it is once again a fully working Norton, and ready to be out on the open road next summer. Just one final piece of paperwork, that is all I need.

  1. Phil Davies says:

    Nice job Kev, looks just the part.
    Q/ what happened to the wraparound inter oil tank that you were going to fit to it, that would have been a really nice visual touch as well IMHO

    • englandkev says:

      Hi Phil thanks for the kind words. Ah, the oil tank! No matter how we tried we could not get it to fit, the down tube is a shorter length compared to an Inter, so I had sadly to give up on the idea. The tank did not go to waste though, as it is now out in Belgium being fitted on an original Inter.

  2. Phil Davies says:

    Having got it nicely rolling to enjoy now, maybe your next ‘project’ could be to custom make a lookalike inter oil tank for the bike?
    That would make a very nice bike simply outstanding. Easy said I know!

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