More Guzzi Ramblings, 7…

Posted: June 24, 2017 in Just Me
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So why did my alternator bracket fail?

Well have a look at this picture, this was taken back when I fitted the supplied kit, do you see the small anti shake lock washers under the nyloc nuts in the centre?

Guzzi 850_004 copy

Scrambler Cycle Alternator kit

Well they have both disintegrated causing the cradle to bounce around, and then the support bracket to brake, the rear washer had disappeared completely, and just half of the front one remained. I have now bolted it down firm without lock washers using just nylocks and Loctite, it is all now much firmer.

The broken barrel stud has also now been fixed, and the bike is once again back together and ready for the Rabbit rally in a couple of weeks time. That will leave me one last camp of the year, in the shape of the Moto Guzzi Club “Red Kite” camp over on the edge of Wales.



  1. paul trw says:

    and there i was thinking to myself that its only old british stuff that lets you down, well i got the bsa b25ss sorted so back on road, and dont go by the gearbox dip stick, turns out i had half pint of oil to much no wonder it leaked, and this got me to dig out the old triumph TRW and after 3 years of not running, splash of go go juice, fith kick and she was purring like a hooker on heat, and a very enjoyable ride to, the bike that is not the hooker, mind you depends what the hooker looks like, maybe you should get the trusty old bezzer sorted and then you will have a reliable bike, dig dig

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