Dorking Harley Jumble…

Posted: March 20, 2018 in Just Me
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Dorking Harley Jumble Flyer



On A Snowy Day…

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I find myself confined to the warmth of my Barge here on the river, so I started looking through eBay at the classic bikes for sale, and came across this…

 “1948 Velocette mac road racer it is up and running and on the road last year original reg with current v5c oily rag original condition mechanically perfect. It has air over oil Dowty forks that hold air fine and work well with double damping 4 speed gear box twin leading shoe front break rear set foot rests and is very fast and reliable. The engine is very special all alloy top end with hairpin valve springs lightend and polished valve gear ported cylinder head TT carb BTH mag special crank conrod/big end and rev counter would be a great sprint or track bike well sorted it is geared up and also has 500 cc chain pitch and sprockets as it will break 350cc pitch chain alloy wheel rims 20” front wheel and 19” rear fitted and in as new condition Avon speed master tyre on the front Dunlop TT 100 tyre on the rear”.


1949 Velocette racer.


Velocette Mac Racer on eBay


Yesterday March 10th was another Mortons Media run Kempton Park Jumble, and although the weather was predicted to be wet and rainy, apart from one small shower it was a very nice day, warm with just a little sun thrown in. It had the usual mix of old, and not so old motorcycles and parts for sale, and plenty of people milling around to make the day interesting.

kempton_010 copy

Nice Triumph for sale

kempton_024 copy

Complete AJS Barnfind

kempton_041 copy

“Old Smokey” Bob’s 70’s Harley Shovelhead

If you would like to see some more pictures from the day, then check out the attached slideshow link Slideshow       

The very las part of the jigsaw was put in place today, when I received the original registration from the DVLA, not a new reg, but the original old registration,  the guys at the DVLA used the frame number to track down the original number, and now it is back where it belongs, back on the old Norton, and back on the road.

So a project I started in November 2011 has now come to an end, it has I think been fun.


Norton ES2 Clubman

1996 HD 1340 FLHTC…

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IMG_20180309_172920_393 copy

96 Harley FLHTC.

Started pulling the tour pak from the Harley, chrome next, I am sure there is a bike under there somewhere.



Tiger Cub Head…

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Just picked up this Triumph Tiger Cub head from being vapour blasted, for one of my neighbours. Nice job too.


Tiger Cub Head


Triumph Tiger Cub Head.


Black the new black

I decided that the backstreets needed a little more thunder, so I started looking and found myself a nice old 1996 Evo electraglide, only two owners, the first of which was the “Gregory’s Girl” actor, John Gordon Sinclair. And nice low mileage too.

Roll on summer.


96 Harley 1340 Electra-Glide