The lightning Project, 12…

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I  have slightly neglected the A65L due to sorting out the Guzzi Eldo, but when time has allowed I have been picking off the jobs that need doing. The biggest holdup has been sorting a replacement set of forks, as when I bought the BSA it had the wrong year forks and front wheel fitted. But finding the correct forks proved to be a lot harder than I thought it would be, but with the help of one of the inmates on I was able to get a set that needed a full rebuild.

Back at the beginning of the year I found a complete front wheel at Shepton Mallet VMCC jumble, and then I grabbed some tyres at the following Kempton, I have since fitted the tyres and new tubes, but managed to pinch and hole the new tube on the front wheel.


A65L New Tyres

I also have the motor all bolted up and ready to go, just need to add fuel and oil, so when I finally get the front end all back in the frame, I can get the bike off the bench.


My 1970 A65L motor.


30Th MC- Piston Rally, Spain

More info can be found here… MC Piston Rally      

Moto Guzzi V7 Day…

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On the 10th June, it is V7 day over in Holland for all you classic loop frame owners…

Opmaak 1

Moto Guzzi V7 Day

Datum: 10-06-2017
Adres: TLM Nijmegen
Organisatie: Klassieker commissie
Verzamelen om 11:00 Uur bij TLM / Teo Lamers. Adres volgt. Vanaf 12:00 uur vertrekken wij voor een toerrit door de Ooipolder. Neem je groen kaart mee want we komen ook door Duitsland!

Organisatie: Hans Bok |  E-Mail en Edwin Brouwer

Rabbit Rally 2017…

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Rabbit Rally 2017

Even though my Guzzi let me down, I did eventually make the Rally in Belgium,

John Bull 17_072 copy

John Bull 17

By the time I was dropped off at my lockup, the day was fast disappearing, and it was now early afternoon, so I unloaded the Guzzi, and put that bike safely in my lockup, and loaded everything onto my little Triumph, all loaded, and without so much as a coffee, I was once again heading for Dover, the ferry, and onto the John Bull. Nobody thought I would go, and who can really blame them, it is a fair drag from my place to Dover, and even worse on a Friday, and especially one that coincides with a holiday weekend, but I was once again on the road.
It was four pm when I finally got to the ferry port, and I had just missed a ferry, the next one was at six pm, then you get a two hour crossing to France, you then lose another hour as they are on a different time zone, so it would just be getting dark when I get off the ferry. I then had to head out into unknown territory as I made my way slowly to the camp site in Belgium, and as the darkness grew, so the temperature dropped, and it was freezing when I arrived about an hour and a half later. I then had to pitch the tent before joining all my friends for a well earned beer.

So Saturday morning it was time for a mooch about before brekkie…

Some you will recognise Ed’s A65 Thunderbolt…

John Bull 17_005 copy

Ed’s 1970 A65T

John Bull 17_020 copy

Bryan’s Flash and box.

Now Ed, had a relation who fought and died in the Great war, and a few years ago we went in search of this man at the Tyne Cott cemetery, and having found his name we thought it was job done, but Ed found out about a little private museum on a farm in Passandale, right there in the fields where his late relation stood and fought, so last time out we searched for this farm but we never found it. So this time I said to Ed I would find the place and we would go, and I did, so Mr Ed emailed the young man who started the museum, and arrangements were made for a saturday visit, so a few of us loaded up, and a short ride later we were there. Funnily enough, we were on the right road last time, but never went far enough to find the farm, Pond Farm.

John Bull 17_041 copy

DIY WW1 tank, big boys toys.

He has a WW1 tank buried on his land, he knows where it is, but he is not allowed to dig it out, so he built his own.

Dieter and his mate just dropped down for the weekend from Hamburg, a round trip of over 1000 miles on girder rigid twins.

John Bull 17_076 copy

Girder Rigids

More pictures in the slideshow here…



I may have found the problem, but I won’t know until next weekend…
I hit my little lockup this morning armed with enthusiasm and coffee, and set to, trying to uncover what is going wrong, now in my mind I feel it is fuel related, but I still started by checking and changing all the electrical bits again, so plugs, points, condenser all changed again, next I looked at the carbs, pulled them apart, made sure all was clean, and put them back together again. and as it happens, the carb filters were clean, then I removed the tank, and fuel lines, fuel lines were also clean. then I drained the tank and stripped the fuel taps, now these taps don’t have any filter attached, and there inside the left hand tap was a flake of paint that could be acting like a butterfly valve. Was it just fuel starvation at higher revs, we shall find out next weekend.
I am now ordering new taps with built in filters, although I did flush the tank, and not much crap came out, so maybe I was just unlucky. I hope this is all it was.

Of course life is not that simple in my world, in checking the carbs over, I removed the choke cable assembly, and managed to brake my choke lever body, so now I am looking for one of those items too?


Moto Guzzi choke lever assembly


Now broken, anybody got a spare?

Even though my Eldo has been acting like a spoiled brat of late, I thought I would treat it to some new parts, I ordered the Dyna DBR-1 power booster a couple of weeks back, and it arrived over the weekend, so I picked that up today. This should be a good upgrade for a rally bike, because you are leaving all the points related parts in place, even all the original wiring is still there in case you need to swap back.  I also popped into DellOrto for some rebuild kits for the VHB carb’s, and some other goodies as well…

Guzzi_002 copy

New parts to be fitted.

So how do I start this little yarn, well like this I guess, I love the John Bull rally, I love Belgium, it may not be everybody’s cup of earl grey, but it suits me just fine, the little back lanes, the smoked eel and mackerel from the market stall,  the fine beer, cheese, bread , chocolate frogs and cream cakes, you can find it all with a cheery smile in Belgium. So as you can imagine, I was looking forward to the rally, and hanging with some mates, and this year being an old bike and British bike rally I had spent weeks preparing my 1973 Guzzi Eldorado for the trip.

Rally Ready

Rally Ready

The bike was all ready, infact I had fettled it beyond the call of duty, it had even had run in miles, and had the heads all re torqued just as it says in the manual, it was ready. So with a day off work on Thursday, I loaded up and headed out, the bike running great, the sun shining, all was good in the world. But, twenty mile in I had a loss of power, and a small back fire, but as I was adjacent to an exit on the motorway, I pulled off and turned back for home, but the bike was again running great, and I though that maybe it was just some dirt in the carb and it had flushed through, so I again turned around and headed back towards Kent, 140 miles away. Again the bike was running great, but another twenty or so miles later, as I sat on the infamous M25, it again lost power, and as I was near a services, I pulled off and gave the bike a good look over, but I could find nothing wrong, I had recently fitted a new coil, condenser, plugs, leads, etc, fresh fuel, new fuel lines, I had been through everything, and after a coffee, the started right up and sat ticking over like a good swiss watch. So I again hit the road, another twenty miles, and repeat, this went on for the next four hours all the way to Kent, where I called MrEd out to give me a hand. Ed bought out a compression tester, and both cylinders had an identical reading, we again fitted another condenser, and new plugs, but this made no difference, it was still playing up, only now I was only getting a mile at a time . Eventually we made it to Ed’s house, let the bike cool down, and I again went through everything, but could not find anything wrong, I played with the carbs a little, and rode it around the block, and it seemed better, so we left it for the night, and headed out for a curry.

John Bull 17_003 copy

Ed’s place

Early next morning and we pulled the bikes out for the run to the ferry, and the Guzzi was running great, paling strong, and all was good with the world, but twenty miles in it all started again, loss of power, little backfire, pull to the side of the road, leave it ticking over, pull away and all is fine, two miles later it does it again, repeat above and it does it again, this time I call it in and wait to be recovered, and Ed heads for the ferry and Belgium, I sit and wait for the truck.

John Bull 17_004 copy

Recovery Time