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Yesterday March 10th was another Mortons Media run Kempton Park Jumble, and although the weather was predicted to be wet and rainy, apart from one small shower it was a very nice day, warm with just a little sun thrown in. It had the usual mix of old, and not so old motorcycles and parts for sale, and plenty of people milling around to make the day interesting.

kempton_010 copy

Nice Triumph for sale

kempton_024 copy

Complete AJS Barnfind

kempton_041 copy

“Old Smokey” Bob’s 70’s Harley Shovelhead

If you would like to see some more pictures from the day, then check out the attached slideshow link Slideshow       

The Famous James…

Posted: December 7, 2016 in Just Me
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Now this may not be the most expensive bike uncovered by anybody, and I guess it was not really a “Barn” find, but more of a shed find, not by me I must add, but by one of my friends.
So I wonder what you will make of this sweet little James, totally original and only missing the original throttle, and fuel tap. That in itself is pretty amazing for a bike made in 1948, but look at the tinware, no rust damage, sure it has surface corrosion as would be expected, but this bike really wants just a rub over with an oily rag, it is not even seized, and does have a spark.


1948 James


Villiers 98cc


The Famous James


A little patina

Not bad for 68 years old.

Nice BSA Barn Find…

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Just Me
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A couple of friends over in the US, bought a few BSA’s from a barn in Arkansas, most were unit singles, but in the barn was a low mileage unmolested BSA Super Rocket from 1963, still sitting on its original tyres, and complete apart from silencers and seat cover.

The clocks show just 10k miles, and this backs up the bikes originality, as can be seen from the pictures. A combination of a very dry state, and strong sunshine, have prevented rust, but badly(?) faded the paint on the tank, oil tank and tool box. But the chrome work is surprisingly good considering the bikes age. This is a West coast bike, as can be told by the round tank badge, East coast bikes had the tear drop badges.

63 Super Rocket-010 copy

1963 BSA Super Rocket.

63 Super Rocket-008 copy

Barn Find BSA

63 Super Rocket-004 copy

Faded Glory

63 Super Rocket-007 copy

10634 miles

Barn find, 39 years in the back of a shed….

650 TriBsa

650 TriBsa