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Saturday Morning Ride…

Posted: February 2, 2020 in Just Me
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Saturday saw me dragging my BMW R1200gs out for a ride, nowhere in particular, just a ride for a coffee, just a ride for fun, really just a ride.


My BMW R1200GS

Two real survivors…

Posted: November 24, 2017 in Just Me
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Two totally different bikes, both from the same era, both unrestored survivors, both are bikes I would dearly love to own. And both owned by different people.

First up is a Velocette Venom 500, in clubman trim with period John Tickle accessories.


Velocette Venom 500


John Tickle Brake


Velo clubman

Next up is one of my top dream bikes, a wonderful BMW R69s with Heinrich long range touring tank, owned by a fine old gentleman down in the south east corner of England, what a classy bike.


R69s Earles forks


Craven luggage


Riders view


Perfect, BMW R69s

And as it happens both are for sale right now, and I would love them both.


Posted: August 27, 2017 in Just Me
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My Triumph Bonnie SE frustrates me, I love the way it looks, I love the way it rides, and it really is a lot of fun to ride, but, and this really is a big but! the seat is appalling, I can’t believe that Triumph tested these seats before releasing these bikes, or is it just a case of style over comfort?

I guess the final straw for me was going to the John Bull rally earlier this year, 60 miles down the road and I was ready to get off and walk, and I still had another hundred miles to look forward to. So for a while now I have been thinking of changing the Triumph, but I had no idea what I fancied to replace it, a big Japanese bike maybe, like the XJR1300, or maybe an 990 KTM Adventure, I have never owned a KTM so that was tempting in itself. Or there was always another BMW or Harley.


Triumph Bonnie SE

So just recently I have started looking more seriously, when out of the blue i got a nice TAX rebate, so I looked at what was available and shortlisted it down to an KTM 990 Adventure, or the big BMW R1150GS, but I wanted to find something with low mileage, and after going to see a KTM, which I really liked by the way, I found an BMW over in Leominster, with nice low milage, full history, and very well looked after. So a few phone calls later, and a deal was done, and this morning I went over and rode the bike home.


2003 BMW R1150GS

Just A Saturday…

Posted: May 14, 2016 in Just Me
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So it was just another Saturday, too short as usual, and too much to fit in, but it was sunny, and things needed to be done, starting with a little ride to a lane I have passed many times, but never been up, so out with R60, and a ride into Hampshire…

Norton-Eldo_008 copy

The road to Ibworth

Norton-Eldo_009 copy

I wonder where it goes?

Next I had to go and see how my Norton Clubman was coming along, very well as it happens, and I even ran today, just a few more parts to finish, and it will be time for the road…

Norton-Eldo_014 copy

Brooklands Can and bum pad

Norton-Eldo_012 copy

Will it start

Finally what do you do if you want a blower Bentley, but don’t have the odd million to buy one? Well easy just buy an old Rolls Royce and build your own version from scratch.

Norton-Eldo_021 copy

Bentley Special, Hand Made.

Norton-Eldo_023 copy

Supercharged Special

Norton-Eldo_022 copy

Do it yourself Special, all hand formed

It all started on Wednesday, when I bought an older Moto Guzzi pseudo police bike from north of Oxford, I had to collect it the same night, as I was heading off towards the John Bull Rally on Friday morning, so I had to be in Kent Thursday to be sure of making the ferry Friday morning.

Well, the evening started out sunny, but not long after I hit the A34 south towards home, the heavens opened with heavy rain and snow, all the way home. I could not have been colder or wetter, if I had fallen in the sea! but the bike ran pretty well considering the weather, although I do have a few things to sort out before regular use.

Guzzi Eldo-2_003 copy

1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

Guzzi Eldo-2_007 copy

Guzzi Police dash

Guzzi Eldo-2_006 copy

850 Eldo


Friday saw a cold wet ride to the John Bull over in Belgium, a great Rally well organised by the Belgian BSAOC. Good camping, good food, this is always a fun rally to attend if you like old bikes, that are ridden to a rally. Already making plans for next years event.

My R60 played up with a starting issue, that I think was the starter relay, I have fitted a new one today, I shall see how things work out over the next few weeks.

Follow link below to pictures…

Thank you and well done all concerned.

John Bull_027 copy

My BMW R60/6 at the John Bull

John Bull_004 copy

Mr Ed, and his trusty 650 Thunderbolt


On the Monday it was the Fleet Lions Charity Rally, at would you believe, Fleet. And a fine sunny day it was too, pictures in link below..

Fleet Lions 2016_104 copy

Triton at the Lions Rally.

My New Rally Bike…

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Just Me
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I think I mentioned a little while back, but maybe I never, that I had decided to sell my R80ST, so that meant I had to start looking for another rally bike. Now to be fair I like the whole airhead vibe, the bikes are way cool, and offer so much to so many people, they are like a two wheel Landrover.

So I decided to look around for an older R series airhead, sure I would like an old R69 or R51, but they have got real expensive, so I decided to find one of the twin shock, drum brake models. And what I came across was a nice mid seventies R60/6.

1975 R60/6

1975 R60/6

Airhead R60

Airhead R60

Beemer 600cc

Beemer 600cc

You never know what you might find when walking around Kempton bike Jumble, and that was the case yesterday, when shortly before going to the pub for lunch, I came across this old long forgotten Tribsa special.

Kempton Project Tribsa

Kempton Project Tribsa

98% complete, and looking like it just needs a good service, it had a lot of interest from the passing hoards, but after nearly five hours, no one had bought it. Well that is until I showed up.

Consisting of an BSA “A” series frame, with a pre unit Triumph T110 650 bottom end, and a T120 alloy head and twin AMAL carbs. It also has a BMW TLS front hub/brake assembly. I thought the price was very good, and a lot cheaper than most of the other projects that were at Kempton that day, so I agreed to buy, and it was delivered last Sunday.

Another Project

Another Project

The bike had one owner, who built it himself as you see it, last ridden to the IoM TT, in 1976, the guy then got married, and the bike was put at the back of the garage with another bike, and that is where it spent the next thirty nine years.

I know the frame came new, unstamped from Nourish for I think it was £18.00, I have the paperwork to confirm this from the time of purchase. it has other parts bought from Alf Hagon’s, The frame was given a frame number, and reg number from Essex County Council so has a unique number. I have the original receipt for this, and letter from the council to confirm.
Short Norton Road-holder forks, and the BMW Earles fork,TLS front hub/brake assembly, and Girling shocks.



Not too bad for 39 years

Not too bad for 39 years

BMW Brake

BMW Brake

Triumph T110

Triumph T110

The Rabbit Rally, BMW Problems…

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Just Me
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My R80 has died, seven years of fun, thousands of miles, always totally reliable, now dead.

So I was off to Sussex for the weekend, fully loaded for the TOMCC Rabit Rally, and my bike as usual was running great, down the M4, up the 329, down the M3, and around the M25, cruising at 65-70mph, nice and quiet, smooth, just a perfect little bimble, with a nice weekend camping, and a few beers to look forward to in Icklesham.

Stopped at clacket lane for a coffee, while my mate topped up the fuel on his Norton, and again my R80 was running great, turn off at junction 5, and head towards Hastings on the A21, where we got caught in heavy traffic at the big hill just before the by-pass, climbing up the hill and the bike coughs twice, backfires, and then dies. I pull to the side of the road, and park in a driveway halfway up the hill, and nothing, the bike will turn over, but no ignition, dead?

So I pull all the camping gear in the drizzle of a Friday morning, get out my tools and check through everything that is obvious…

I Changed the plugs, Nothing
Checked the coil for a short, Nothing,
shortened the plug leads, Nothing.
Dropped the float bowls and checked for water, Nothing.
Checked all the wiring connectors, Nothing.

Lastly I swapped out the ICU for a spare one I carry, and the bike started but ran rough?

So we thought we could head on and try to make the rally site, but alas I only made it about another mile before the bike was unrideable, the revs were jumping all over the place, and each cylinder was dropping in and out, the tacho was also jumping around erratically?

So while my mate rode on to the rally site, to get me collected with a trailer, I set to with checking the valve clearances etc, they were all fine, so I nailed it all back together?

I then spent all day Saturday stripping the bike, and cleaning every wiring connector, I also stripped and rebuilt the carbs, Nothing, still the same, it will fire right up, but as soon as you give it any revs it starts jumping about and misfiring like crazy, you can’t even pull away in first gear, it is that bad.?

So  Sunday, I phone the AA for collection and relay back home, Now here is a funny bit that may prove important? while waiting on the AA man, one of the Triumph riders asked if I could give his bike a jump start, sure no problem, so we connected up the leads, I started my bike and it was still jumping around erratically just like before, but the minute he touched his starter button in an effort to start his bike, my bike ran perfectly, as soon as he took his finger from his starter button it went back to missing and popping like before, and it did this same thing three more times just the same

so why would the extra load of his bike smooth out my bikes erratic running?

Oh the shame of it, heading to a rally on a trailer

Oh the shame of it, heading to a rally on a trailer

A Nod to the Weather Gods…

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Just Me
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I had a lot to do today, what with trying to sell my house, all the paperwork, packing, sorting etc. But I also needed to give the Beemer the once over before heading off to Belgium and the John Bull rally on Thursday.

So I was a little downhearted this morning with everything being wet, following a night of unusually strong winds, and rain. But a coffee and a half later the sun came out, the pavement outside my house dried up, and I set to.

First thing to do was pull the plugs, and they showed the bike was running a little rich, a byproduct of me playing with the carbs over the easter weekend, trying to get rid of a throttle close backfire. The it was time to pull the rocker covers and check the valve clearences. This is such an easy job on a beemer, and a few minutes later they were all deemed to be ok, no adjustment needed.
So bolt that lot back together and fit new plugs. Then it was time to change out the gearbox oil again, I only did this last weekend, but after I had done the job, I found the drain plug crush washer had dropped off, so I decided to do the job again, a waste of transmission oil, but no oil leaks.
Lastly it was time to wind the pilot screws in an eighth of a turn on both carbs to lean them up a little, before running the bike up, while I tidy the tools away.

and just as I finished up, the rain came down again.

My R80ST

My R80ST


I have been laid up now for three weeks, since my trip into hospital, so as such I have not done anything motorcycle related, which I find frustrating. The weather is what you expect this time of year, wet, windy, and getting cold. But mixed in with that are some real nice chilly sunny days, days like today when you would like to get out for a ride, and get some pictures of what remains of the autumn colours.

So, I have things to do on all three bikes when I feel better, and able to do it. my R80st has been with me now for five or six years, I forget which, but it was bought as a project back on an October day, and dragged back here in the back of my van.  Right now it needs a couple of pushrod seals changing, this will be the second time I have done these since the bike has been in my ownership. But I might wait to do this until the new year.

My R80st

My R80st

BMW R80st

BMW R80st

My Moto Guzzi Ambassador also needs a little work right now, and I shall put this one at the front of the que. I am waiting on a couple of parts to arrive right now,  one being a used cylinder head for the right hand side, as the one fitted has lost the exhaust threads, so the exhaust is glued in place! it has been working Ok, but it is a job that I have wanted to do for a while.  So I am debating on whether to do the valves and guides on both heads at the same time? I shall see when the replacement head gets here.

I also have some new springs on order to fit in the distributor, the small springs that go on the throw out weights, this should be a fun fiddly little job. I also want to change the front brake shoes, as they scream loudly when applied, working better than a horn, and surprising all around.

Moto Guzzi 750

Moto Guzzi 750

And of course my Norton project.

I still have a long list of jobs to do on this bike, and a long list of parts to find also.  But I have the wheels sitting here with new tyres fitted, so as soon as I am able to go and get it from the metal basher, I should at last have it up on two wheels. I can then set to with fitting the motor, and gearbox, and maybe even getting it all wired up. While I look around for the other main parts I need to get it somewhere towards being finished. I do however have a fairly long list of parts that I now need to concentrate on finding.

Chain cases, clutch assembly, headlight, switches, mudguards, stays, magneto, dynamo, carburettor brakes, both front and back, Now this may not seem a lot, but there are some tricky parts to find in there.  I also have some smaller parts that need making up on the lathe, steering stops, plunger caps, etc. I also want to get my oil and petrol tanks in to be painted, I have thought long and hard over this one, as there are so many different styles of paint on these bikes that have been done over the years. But I have scoured the internet for ideas, and I think I will go for something like one of these…

Norton Paint

Norton Paint

Norton Paint

Norton Paint