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Waiting in the Wings…

Posted: October 18, 2016 in Just Me
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A little while ago a couple of friends in the US uncovered a barn full of BSA’s in Arkansas, one of which, this 63 A10 Super Rocket, was offered to me, just 10,000 miles, fairly rust free, and full of faded glory. At this time it is located down in Georgia (along with my Guzzi), waiting on me getting it shipped over here to the UK. The motor is not seized, Compression is good, the chrome is in fantastic condition apart from the rims, and the inside of the tank is still fresh, such a cool looking bike.


1963 BSA Super Rocket

Extra chrome, round tank badges, and bars, are all West coast standard equipment, and as you can see from the brochure below, no ball end levers. East coast bikes had a tear drop tank badge. one of the last A10 Super Rockets. It really is a cool bike, and even better up close and personal


BSA Sales


Waiting in the Wings

Looking Back…

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Just Me
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I have been sorting through some old photo’s today,  looking back at some of my old bikes I used to own, so thought I would share some on here too.  It’s funny looking back, at the time I thought getting rid of certain bikes was the right decision, but now there are one or two I wished I had given more time. But then I guess we all feel like this when looking back at the past?

BSA A10 Bobber.

The A10 Bobber was a cool old bike, with siamese pipes and 16″ rear wheel, it sounded sweet too, never did get to finish it though.

Triumph T100-A Tiger

Now I loved this little bike, and did a fair amount of work to it, to get the look I was after,including changing the front brake to an 8″ TLS.

1978 Kawasaki Z650

My Kawasaki Z650, this made it to the cover of a classic bike magazine, I sold it shortly after, a big mistake..

Kawasaki Z1000-A2

My old Z1000, this has been my greatest regret, I should never have sold this bike, and knew that on the day it left, oh well at least I still have the memories..