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Doherty Competition Levers

Posted: October 9, 2016 in Just Me
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I called round to see my old friend Terry the Vincent today, just for a cup of tea and a chat, always a good way to lose an hour, and whilst there Terry gifted me an original genuine pair of of Doherty alloy levers, you see lots of new and a few original Amal versions being sold as Doherty, but the Amal’s are thicker and straighter in the lever, where the much rarer genuine Doherty version have a slimmer profile, and are flatter where your fingers rest.
These are in great condition with the original Doherty stamped clamps, and cap head screws, although one lever end has a little road rash.


Doherty Levers


Doherty embossed clamps


Doherty Competition


Slim profile

And here is a web shot of the Amal style “Doherty” levers for comparison


Replica Amal style levers

Today was the annual Talmag trial, held just outside Aldershot, here in the UK. This is always a well attended trial, with people coming from as far away as Germany. The weather for once played in our favour, and the torrential overnight rain cleared away the snow and ice, leaving a damp ground, but a blue sky sunny day.

Norton at rest.

Norton at rest.



More can be seen here…

So that is the new year well and truly started, Kempton jumble yesterday, and the Talmag today….