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Saturday was another Kempton Jumble, organised by EGP, Eric and the crew, and very good again, they do such a good well organised event, easily the best auto jumble in the UK.

Kempton_023 copy


Kempton_024 copy

TriTon with a difference

Best bike in the car park was this Matchless, the attention to detail was damn near faultless.

Kempton_033 copy


Kempton_034 copy

Damn near perfect.


So yesterday (Saturday) was a Kempton Jumble, held at Kempton park racecourse at the top end of the M3.  but unlike most Kempton jumbles it rained, boy did it rain, but not all day, and although we were all a little damp, our spirits were high as we mooched about the place…

If you fancy going to one of these events, maybe to buy something or you have stuff to sell, then here is a link to the calendar of events…

See, I told you it was wet..

IWet Saturday

Wet Saturday

Norton Parts

Norton Parts

If you have some old Norton parts like these lying around in your shed at home, I would love to hear from you, as I am still trying to find parts for my Norton project…

Three in a Bed

Three in a Bed

The art of the Cafe Racer

The art of the Cafe Racer