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I may have found the problem, but I won’t know until next weekend…
I hit my little lockup this morning armed with enthusiasm and coffee, and set to, trying to uncover what is going wrong, now in my mind I feel it is fuel related, but I still started by checking and changing all the electrical bits again, so plugs, points, condenser all changed again, next I looked at the carbs, pulled them apart, made sure all was clean, and put them back together again. and as it happens, the carb filters were clean, then I removed the tank, and fuel lines, fuel lines were also clean. then I drained the tank and stripped the fuel taps, now these taps don’t have any filter attached, and there inside the left hand tap was a flake of paint that could be acting like a butterfly valve. Was it just fuel starvation at higher revs, we shall find out next weekend.
I am now ordering new taps with built in filters, although I did flush the tank, and not much crap came out, so maybe I was just unlucky. I hope this is all it was.

Of course life is not that simple in my world, in checking the carbs over, I removed the choke cable assembly, and managed to brake my choke lever body, so now I am looking for one of those items too?


Moto Guzzi choke lever assembly


Now broken, anybody got a spare?

Even though my Eldo has been acting like a spoiled brat of late, I thought I would treat it to some new parts, I ordered the Dyna DBR-1 power booster a couple of weeks back, and it arrived over the weekend, so I picked that up today. This should be a good upgrade for a rally bike, because you are leaving all the points related parts in place, even all the original wiring is still there in case you need to swap back.  I also popped into DellOrto for some rebuild kits for the VHB carb’s, and some other goodies as well…

Guzzi_002 copy

New parts to be fitted.


So how do I start this little yarn, well like this I guess, I love the John Bull rally, I love Belgium, it may not be everybody’s cup of earl grey, but it suits me just fine, the little back lanes, the smoked eel and mackerel from the market stall,  the fine beer, cheese, bread , chocolate frogs and cream cakes, you can find it all with a cheery smile in Belgium. So as you can imagine, I was looking forward to the rally, and hanging with some mates, and this year being an old bike and British bike rally I had spent weeks preparing my 1973 Guzzi Eldorado for the trip.

Rally Ready

Rally Ready

The bike was all ready, infact I had fettled it beyond the call of duty, it had even had run in miles, and had the heads all re torqued just as it says in the manual, it was ready. So with a day off work on Thursday, I loaded up and headed out, the bike running great, the sun shining, all was good in the world. But, twenty mile in I had a loss of power, and a small back fire, but as I was adjacent to an exit on the motorway, I pulled off and turned back for home, but the bike was again running great, and I though that maybe it was just some dirt in the carb and it had flushed through, so I again turned around and headed back towards Kent, 140 miles away. Again the bike was running great, but another twenty or so miles later, as I sat on the infamous M25, it again lost power, and as I was near a services, I pulled off and gave the bike a good look over, but I could find nothing wrong, I had recently fitted a new coil, condenser, plugs, leads, etc, fresh fuel, new fuel lines, I had been through everything, and after a coffee, the started right up and sat ticking over like a good swiss watch. So I again hit the road, another twenty miles, and repeat, this went on for the next four hours all the way to Kent, where I called MrEd out to give me a hand. Ed bought out a compression tester, and both cylinders had an identical reading, we again fitted another condenser, and new plugs, but this made no difference, it was still playing up, only now I was only getting a mile at a time . Eventually we made it to Ed’s house, let the bike cool down, and I again went through everything, but could not find anything wrong, I played with the carbs a little, and rode it around the block, and it seemed better, so we left it for the night, and headed out for a curry.

John Bull 17_003 copy

Ed’s place

Early next morning and we pulled the bikes out for the run to the ferry, and the Guzzi was running great, paling strong, and all was good with the world, but twenty miles in it all started again, loss of power, little backfire, pull to the side of the road, leave it ticking over, pull away and all is fine, two miles later it does it again, repeat above and it does it again, this time I call it in and wait to be recovered, and Ed heads for the ferry and Belgium, I sit and wait for the truck.

John Bull 17_004 copy

Recovery Time

I have been busy over the last couple of weekends as I prepare my Guzzi Eldo for an upcoming trip to Belgium, and my annual visit to the John Bull rally.  But it was not all as simple as it could have been, problems, including one of my own making, made what should have been a simple service job, a much bigger problem.

First I could not get the bike running on both cylinders, this was caused by me putting the right hand carb slide in the carb the wrong way round, and compounded by my failure to see the problem. But as it turned out, when turned around, the bike very nearly ran great.  Next up was a sluggish starter problem, this was caused by a cheap aftermarket ignition switch causing high resistance,  too the extent that it had cooked the main ignition feed wire from the battery to the switch.

This meant I had to open up the whole harness, and replace any melted wires I found, and there were a few, but I soon got it done and working again, although I have decided to order a new harness from Greg Bender over in the US.

Guzzi Eldorado

Out for a test run

Lastly I had to change the fork oil, and fit a luggage rack, the rack is not perfect and needs some refinement, but it will do for the upcoming rally. This will be my longest ride on the Guzzi since buying it last year, so I am hoping all goes well, we shall see.

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Rally season is now well upon us, and I have already missed one rally this year, but the next one is one I will not miss, the Belgian John Bull rally, a great rally hosted by the Belgian BSA-OC, for British and classic bikes.

This year I intend, well hope to attend on my 73 Guzzi Eldorado, and I am frantically trying to get it ready for the end of the month. I still have a few bits to sort out over the Easter weekend, and then with a fair wind it should be done. We shall see.

Those of you who own, or have owned a loop frame Guzzi, will know what a pain it is to replace the carb to airbox rubber. And after trying unsuccessfully to get it into place time and again, I finally came up with a plan that worked. Actually it worked quite well too. The successful method was to use two hacksaw blades positioned so that the rubber could be slid into place, and held while the carb was put back on, then the blades are pulled carefully out, job done.

Guzzi Air Box Rubber

Eldorado air intake rubber

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As it is Boxing day here in the UK (Boxing Day = As servants prepared to leave to visit their families, their employers would present them with gift boxes. Despite its name, Boxing Day, which is celebrated on December 26 in Great Britain, has nothing to do with pugilistic competition. Nor is it a day for people to return unwanted Christmas presents.) and as the sun was out for a change, I decided the1973 Guzzi Eldorado could use a run out, the roads were empty, just me and my Guzzi…


1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado.

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1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

It was a perfect sunny autumn day here in the UK, so nothing for it but to drag out the Guzzi Eldorado for a run in the sun, first I removed the fairing from the bike, then wheeled it out into the sun, where it burst into life at the first kick of the key!
Then it was on with my lid, and out into the commercial part of town for some industrial style pictures, the bike running great following the recent top end rebuild. Just a couple of small jobs to do now, balance the carbs, oil change, that sort of thing. It feels great to be riding a loop frame Guzzi again, they are so cool.


Out in the backstreets


850 Guzzi Eldo

Looking for Eldorado…

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Now here’s a funny thing, I own two 1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado’s, the first one I bought is over in the US, and came out of Alabama. The second is here in the UK with me, and I bought it from just up the road in Oxford. So it is surprising, well to me anyway,  that the VIN numbers are just 31 units apart.

I would like to have both bikes here in the UK, so I need to get over to the US again soon, and get the Guzzi on the boat and shipped over here, I was kinda hoping it would be on its way by now, but that hasn’t happened, so I have to get busy with the whole plan.


Alabama Guzzi


Nice Patina


Cool side bags


Twin leading shoe brake

Guzzi_002 copy

Guzzi Eldorado and Bates Fairing just 31 units apart