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It all started on Wednesday, when I bought an older Moto Guzzi pseudo police bike from north of Oxford, I had to collect it the same night, as I was heading off towards the John Bull Rally on Friday morning, so I had to be in Kent Thursday to be sure of making the ferry Friday morning.

Well, the evening started out sunny, but not long after I hit the A34 south towards home, the heavens opened with heavy rain and snow, all the way home. I could not have been colder or wetter, if I had fallen in the sea! but the bike ran pretty well considering the weather, although I do have a few things to sort out before regular use.

Guzzi Eldo-2_003 copy

1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

Guzzi Eldo-2_007 copy

Guzzi Police dash

Guzzi Eldo-2_006 copy

850 Eldo


Friday saw a cold wet ride to the John Bull over in Belgium, a great Rally well organised by the Belgian BSAOC. Good camping, good food, this is always a fun rally to attend if you like old bikes, that are ridden to a rally. Already making plans for next years event.

My R60 played up with a starting issue, that I think was the starter relay, I have fitted a new one today, I shall see how things work out over the next few weeks.

Follow link below to pictures…

Thank you and well done all concerned.

John Bull_027 copy

My BMW R60/6 at the John Bull

John Bull_004 copy

Mr Ed, and his trusty 650 Thunderbolt


On the Monday it was the Fleet Lions Charity Rally, at would you believe, Fleet. And a fine sunny day it was too, pictures in link below..

Fleet Lions 2016_104 copy

Triton at the Lions Rally.

More from Monday..

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A couple more from the Fleet Lions run…


JPS Norton


MV Agusta


the rest can be seen here…


So there it was ringing in my head, the Monday morning alarm, telling me it was time to get up for work, but oh no!, this time it was wrong,  you see it is a bank holiday over here. One of those odd bank holidays they throw in every now and then, normally on an overcast, dank and miserable day, and this one was no different. Well when I say no different, I mean weather wise of course, but the day itself was special, for it was the Fleet Lions Charity ride day, held, would you believe in well, Fleet.
So up and cleaned, the coffee was calling, but then so was my bike, not one of those old leaky, rusty, brit bikes, but a good solid leak free Japanese bike, my 1974 Kawasaki Z1b to be exact. So off to my lock up, open the door, keys in, fuel on, choke, and we are away for a coffee at the Gorge Cafe, one of Reading’s oldest cafe’s, and where I had arranged to meet a few friends for the ride over to fleet, but only after we had demolished a full english first.

Monday Morning Z1b

The ride over to Fleet was in itself an uneventful ride, but the weather was doing its best to annoy everybody, rain blowing in the wind, and a heavy grey sky, but hell we were having fun, and the bikes were all running great, and what an odd assortment we were, Two Harley’s, a Pan and a Shovel, an Ariel rigid twinport, a Thunderbolt, an AJS 500 single, and my Z1b.

Boston Police Panhead

And so we come to the end of another Lions club Rally, a great day spent with like-minded people, and always good to catch up with a few old friends. And so I leave you with my bestest bike of the day, what a great looking little bike, I would have loved to take it home..


Fleet Lions Charity Rally

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Back from Belgium on Sunday, and ready for the Fleet Lions rally on Monday, so it was up early, and drag out the BSA, before heading out to a coffee spot to meet with the others for the day, but alas the day started bad, no coffee! damn I need coffee in the mornings, oh well, the day can only get better.

On the road

But they didn’t! get better that is, as my BSA broke down again, this time it was a coil, I have alread replaced the points and condencers, so I crawled to the rally on one cylinder, and started stripping out the old coil in the hope I might find one there.  And a coil was found, not anywhere near right but it got me going, and got me round the run out, and it got me home too. I have since bought two new coils, so we shall see where that takes us.

More pictures can be seen here….