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My Norton Clubman…

Posted: July 25, 2017 in Just Me
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Well what can I say, my Norton “Garden Gate” Clubman came back home today, the motor is all finished with the later head fitted, now it is just a case of tidying things up a bit over the coming winter…

Norton copy

My Norton ES2 Clubman

My Norton Clubman Update…

Posted: March 23, 2016 in Just Me
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My Norton is fast heading for the road, it is moving forward in leaps and bounds, but not without the odd compromise. The main problem right now, and one that I have agonised over is the use of the Inter oil tank. I have had this tank since I started the project, and it has been an integral part of the overall look I have been trying to achieve.

Norton Project

On the bench

The problem is the fact the ES2 frame is different from the International frame, and so no matter how I try I can’t get enough clearance to mount the inter oil tank. So I am going to have to use the standard ES2 tank, which is a shame as it detracts from the overall look.

Another fine Jumble put on by Eric, and the guys from EGP, if you have never been, you really are missing a good day out. This is the Motorcycle Jumble by which all others are judged, and so very often fail.

I will show some of the items for sale in another post, but first I will show you a special that was parked in the car park. You always get some bikes that are worth seeing, but this was a step above the average special, and almost looked like a factory build.

Norton/Harley special, Nice work indeed.

Kempton-03-16_055 copy

Narley, Norton Harley 45 special

Kempton-03-16_053 copy

Norton/Harley Special

Kempton-03-16_056 copy

Harley 750 “WL” series motor, Norton “Dolls Head” gearbox

Kempton-03-16_057 copy

Norton ES2/Model 18, Garden Gate plunger frame

Kempton-03-16_054 copy

Special? yes it is.

I wonder if the guy who owns it will see this, and drop me a line with a few build details? What a great build.


Just a quick update … as of yesterday (Saturday) the Norton was pretty much all bolted together, except for the top end that is. The rear end is all complete, rear wheel, brake, speedo drive all in and working, lower engine, gearbox, primary cases and chains all bolted together and changing gear, foot rests and pedals all on and connected,

I have had two problems of my own making, through choices I have made on how I want the finished bike to look, and go! the first headache has been the choice of BSA B50 piston and Norton model 50 alloy head. even with a 3/16th spacer under the barrel, the piston still hits the head. But the barrel is bored out to 84mm, so I either needed to find a piston with a flatter crown, or get the barrel sleeved down to standard again, and use a normal Norton flat top.

After digging around and talking to a few friends, I managed to get a Vincent piston of the right size, it only has a very shallow dome, so cleared the head, but the skirt hit the flywheel, so it has had to be shortened just a little, but it does now all fit. but that is not the end of the issue, now I need to find or make some new barrel studs, because these are now too short!


Norton oil Tank as found

The other problem is that damn oil tank!
Again this all comes down to the “look” that I am after, but now the whole engine gearbox assembly is bolted in the frame, I find that the main oil outlet at the bottom of the tank is obscured by the gearbox adjuster bracket, so I now have to risk ruining the new paint by getting a new outlet tig welded in. my fault again, because you should always do a dry build first before getting the paint done!

Norton_005 copy

Norton oil tank now..

So now I am waiting on some studs, valves, and my magneto, and it may well be fired up.

It will be five years in the making next month!!

The Norton in the Lock-up…

Posted: November 25, 2015 in Just Me
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Just in case anyone was wondering, I am still on the case, and doing a little when I get the time. always heading forward and the list keeps getting shorter….

Do you remember that old beat up oil tank with the big hole the side, well that is fixed, and the whole shooting match has now had a splash of paint too, along with tank…

Norton_001 copy

Old Norton, New Paint

Norton_005 copy

Norton Clubman


I found these pictures on the internet the other day, whilst looking for information on Manx Nortons, the bike is apparently a 1951 Manx garden gate, with a fitted Harley Knucklehead motor, that is all I know. I could not find any other info on this bike. Who built it, where it was built, where it is now? all just a mystery at the moment.

But it sure does have that cool factor.

I wonder if anyone reading this will be able to fill in some of the spaces with regards this bike… Well, someone did and has replied, please read Fred’s reply below, it is great to have some of the back story. Thanks Fred.

Norton Harley Special

Norton Harley Special



A Tight Fit

A Tight Fit

My Norton Clubman..

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Just Me
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So where was I? due to being a little under the weather of late, I have been unable to wave a spanner in any semblance of anger, so things down in the lock-up have all got a little dusty, not helped by the strong winds we have endured recently.

But that being said, a little work has progressed on my Norton Clubman project, as you will see from the pictures below. overall I am really happy with how it is all progressing, sure I see things that I would change if I were doing it again, the front brake scoop is not quite how I would have liked it, but for a first go at this type of thing I am happy.

The fuel tank looks like it is white, but that is just where the sun was reflecting off of the aluminium.

My Norton Clubman

My Norton Clubman

My Norton

My Norton

Up on wheels

Up on wheels

Making Progress

Making Progress