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Classic Japanese

So Saturday was the last Kempton Jumble of the year, and as such was fairly busy, despite the poor weather we have had in the last few days, a cold wind and heavy showers, but the sun did force its way through for a while, which made the day enjoyable.  There was plenty to see and buy, if you had the spare money, and I am sure some did, as I saw a few bikes heading for the car park where the vans are waiting to carry the prize find home.

French Fancies

All the stalls seemed to be busy throughout the day, with many new sellers this time, and some from across the channel, with some nice French bikes.

AJS Flat Tank

So there you are, another year of Jumbles over, Christmas is just around the corner and then we can start all over again..  I did of course buy something there, I picked up a Norton 500cc single motor for my new project. More on that later.