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And what a cracker too…

Kempton-may 18_0009 copy

Kawasaki H1b 500


And outside was a nice Knucklehead custom..


Kempton-may 18_0003 copy

Harley Knucklehead Custom

My H1b Starts to take Shape…

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Just Me

Now winter appears to be behind us, I am able to start my H1b project, I am not in the fortunate position of having a garden shed or garge at my house, so I have to rent a garage in a block a short distance from my home, no light or power so I need the good summer daylight to work down there. not ideal, but there you are.


1972 H1b


So today I started.



The newly blasted and painted frame is on my small bike lift ready to go, and the bike is standing behind ready to be stripped of most of the parts, and even though I have most of the parts needed I am aware that there are still a couple of things missing, so as you can see I have a ways to go..


Pulling Apart


Building up