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Today at Kempton…

Posted: April 6, 2019 in Just Me
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It has been a while since I posted some pictures from Kempton, actually it has been a while since I posted any pictures from anywhere! I have not been feeling to well since late last year, and am having trouble with my right leg, so today I was feeling a little better, and today for the first time in six months I actually took one of my bikes for a short ride. So hopefully normal service will soon be resumed.

So today at Kempton, I never took loads of pictures, got to ease myself back in to this, as kneeling on the pavement is tough on my old bones.


Kempton_027 copy


Kempton_019 copy

BSA M series side valve

Kempton_029 copy

Honda C90 Cub

Last Kempton of 2017…

Posted: December 2, 2017 in Just Me
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Today (Saturday) was the last Kempton jumble of 2017, lots of people, lots of project bikes, and loads of spares, what’s not to like? and I bumped into a shed load of friends which is always good.

So all in a good day out.

Now there were loads of bikes for sale, a few of which I would have liked to take home, but this Motobi was one I really would have liked, although only a 125cc, I really have a soft spot for the small capacity Italian bikes.

Kempton-Dec17_015 copy

Motobi 125 Sport Special

Kempton-Dec17_016 copy

Motobi Import

Kempton-Dec17_014 copy

Small capacity cool

Good Bye 2016, Hello 2017…

Posted: December 31, 2016 in Just Me
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As 2016 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have visited my blog, and those who have left a comment or two. it is always nice to get some feedback from people around the world. it proves we are not so different, with our love of old motorcycles to bind us all together.

Have a good 2017.


Now I have a few dates for you guys in the UK, or maybe even those from further afield, if by chance you are travelling to or through the UK at the same time… First up is a list of dates for the Kempton motorcycle jumbles, that you will have seen throughout this blog. This is always a great day out, and worth making the effort for.


Kempton Jumble dates.

Also for January, the 29th,  and an event I try not to miss, is the Talmag Trial, for pre 65 motorcycles with or without sidecar, held at Hungry hill, Aldershot.  Talmag Details

Talmag Trial

Norton at the Talmag

21/01/17 – Springfields Motorcycle Show, Spalding Lincs. Saturday, January 21, 2017 – 10:00 to Sunday, January 22, 2017 – 17:000

4/02/17 – Bristol Classic Bike Show. Saturday, February 4, 2017 – 09:30 to Sunday, February 5, – 17:30 returns to the Bath and West Showground at Shepton Mallet.

25/3/17 – The VMCC BIKE-JUMBLE,  Bath and West Showground at Shepton Mallet.  genuine old bike jumble plus trade stalls selling new spares and accessories. plenty of interesting ‘barn fresh’ bits. Complete bikes for sale as well. Opens 9.30 to 4pm. Free parking, good refreshments . Admission £3. 01297 32853 /

22/04/17 – Bristol Italian Auto Moto festival.

Lets start with Saturday 24th, January.

There is a bike jumble at Kempton Park.. more info from EGP Enterprises here…

Then on Sunday 25th, January.

It is the famous Talmag trial at Hungry Hill, Aldershot. Hants.


Norton at Talmag trial

And finally for later in the year, a Norton rally in North Carolina…

Norton Rally Flyer

Norton Rally Flyer

And remember if you have something going on then tell me..


As winter closes in, and the end of the year appears on the horizon, I still have a couple of events to attend, and I also have lots to do with my bikes. I have had the paint set back for my Commando, and wow what a job the guys at Revolution did for me, stunning.

Metalflake Orange

Metalflake Orange

Since my return from the USA, I have been to another Kempton Jumble, these really are a great day out, so if you get the chance, you really should try to make one (The next EGP Jumble is on December 6th – here is a link to the 2015 dates too… )




more pictures from Kempton can be seen in the slideshow here…

Next up is another bike to my small collection, finally after looking for nearly two years, I have managed to find a nice mid 70’s AMF Harley shovelhead, although I do need to spend some time getting rid of all the chrome  bling that has been added???

1975 AMF Harley Shovelhead

1975 AMF Harley Shovelhead

So yesterday (Saturday) was a Kempton Jumble, held at Kempton park racecourse at the top end of the M3.  but unlike most Kempton jumbles it rained, boy did it rain, but not all day, and although we were all a little damp, our spirits were high as we mooched about the place…

If you fancy going to one of these events, maybe to buy something or you have stuff to sell, then here is a link to the calendar of events…

See, I told you it was wet..

IWet Saturday

Wet Saturday

Norton Parts

Norton Parts

If you have some old Norton parts like these lying around in your shed at home, I would love to hear from you, as I am still trying to find parts for my Norton project…

Three in a Bed

Three in a Bed

The art of the Cafe Racer

The art of the Cafe Racer


As we head towards the end of February, and spring is just around the corner, I hope a few of you are managing to get the bikes out for a run or two.  I am busy here, still trying to find employment (anybody need a digital photographer?) So not getting too much motorcycling in, but we do have another Kempton jumble on the horizon, in fact it is around the same time as the clocks go forward, and we get those long-awaited lighter evenings.

So with Kempton in mind I guess I should post a few more shots from the last one, so here are a few more of the French bikes I shot while there.

A nice project

A nice project

Small French Motorcycle

Small French Motorcycle



Motobecane Engine

Motobecane Engine

Down Kempton Way…

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Just Me
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Saturday came and with it arrived the first Kempton motorcycle jumble of 2014, the weather was as good as can be expected for the time of year, damp, cool, but mostly dry, a perfect day for mooching about, and that is just what I did…

Nice Triumph for sale

Nice Triumph for sale

BSA V-Twin project

BSA V-Twin project

Nothing a little polish won't sort out

Nothing a little polish won’t sort out

Wow January is here already, and that must mean a new year of Jumbling at various venues, but always starts for me with a visit to Kempton Park… so here are a few dates for your diary.

Indian Project

Indian Project

EGP Kempton Park Motorcycle Jumble Calendar of Events 2014:

Kempton Bike Jumble Sat. 25th January 2014

Kempton Bike Jumble Sat. 22nd March 2014

Southern Classic Bike Show & Auto-Jumble Sat. 24th May 2014

Kempton Bike Jumble Sat. 26th July 2014

Kempton Bike Jumble Sat. 20th September 2014

Kempton Bike Jumble Sat. 25th October 2014

Southern Classic Off Road Show & Auto-Jumble Sat. 6th December 2014

Honda Project

Honda Project

See you there…