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October Kempton…

Posted: October 24, 2018 in Just Me
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Last weekend saw the 2018 October Kempton bike jumble, the sun shone, and plenty of people turned up to make the most of the warm autumn weather, and of course there were some nice bits and pieces for sale too.

Kempton-Oct_003 copy

Norvin project

Kempton-Oct_047 copy

Brough SS100 sprinter

Kempton-Oct_058 copy

Nice old Raleigh project

I just had this in from Eric…


Press Release

Ace Cafe London’s special guest on Sunday 20th July (70’s Bike Day!) is Eric Patterson, showcasing and firing up his unique and very special, modified 1000cc V-twin, Vincent powered motorcycle, prior to departing for the USA and the 2014 Bonneville Speed Trials!

Eric, organiser of the popular and ever so useful bike jumbles held regularly throughout the year at Kempton Park, is the holder of a number of Bonneville Speed Trial records, with machines to include his own JAP V-twin powered Norton “featherbed” framed special and Brough Superior’s, this year Eric is going for the following four 1000cc classes with his Viscount.

Modified Pushrod “Fuel” – record at 140.76mph
Modified Vintage – Partial Streamlined, gasoline – record at 123.25mph
Modified Pre 1979 “Fuel” Class
Modified Pre 1979 Partial Streamlined Class

The “Salt” going “Viscount” motorcycle, originally built by Peter Darvill, is number one of only ten ever made, and consists of a 1951 V-twin Vincent engine in a Norton “Manx” rolling chassis, with magnesium “Manx” wheels – its provenance includes racing at the Isle of Man TT in 1956!

Special modifications and preparations to the bike, for racing at Bonneville, range from work on the engine, with pistons going up from 9.1 to 12.1 compression, camshafts and a BTH four plug system to fire it up. Special exhausts, clutch, belt drive and re-worked manifolds to take a pair of “Gardiner” carburettors, with Hagon supplying the suspension and the specially built alloy rims, all topped off with fuel and oil tanks in aluminium and clip-on bars!

See it, hear it and taste the salt!

Viscount Norvin

Viscount Norvin



Posted: February 13, 2013 in Just Me
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Back in the 60’s, someone had the idea of wedging a Vincent Shadow engine into a modified Norton wideline frame, and calling it a Viscount, here is a picture from the time…

Viscount Cafe Racer

Viscount Cafe Racer

Today, I was fortunate enough to see the very same bike out on the road, and managed to get some pictures of the beast. Truely a facinating, and historic motorcycle.

Cafe Racers

Cafe Racers

Viscount Norvin

Viscount Norvin

As you can see it still carries the same registration number, as it had back in the 60’s.

Spirit of the 60's

Spirit of the 60’s

The Specials…

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Just Me
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No! not the band, but the bikes based around the Norton Wideline and Slimline featherbed frames.

I was at Popham airfield on Sunday for the Wings and Wheels day, they have a fly in of old aircraft to coincide with a classic motorcycle show, a good day out if you are a petrol head.

Dunstall Norton


Taylor Norton

Nudge (Norton/Rudge)

Just a NorVin !

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Just Me

I took a trip to the Ace on Sunday morning, a few friends were going so it seemed like a good idea to catch up over a coffee. There were lots of interesting bikes there, from early Harley’s to more modern Italian marques, and everything in between, but for me, the star bike was this Norvin…

Norvin Cafe Racer

The Norton wideline Featherbed frame houses a C series Vincent Rapide engine that has been rebuilt with Black Lightening internals. And the owner Mark, had just ridden 130 miles from Lincolnshire for a coffee.


Lots more pictures here…