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At Kempton Again…

Posted: March 11, 2017 in Just Me
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The sun shone again for Kempton, and gave us a nice warm spring day, and this of course bought out plenty of people, and this always gives the place a real buzz. I managed to find a couple of small parts for my A65, so with any luck I can get it fired up soon, and maybe on the road for the summer.

Out in the car park was an unusual special, a V-twin Velocette, very nice.

Kempton_022 copy

Velocette Special

Lots of other nice bikes about the place too both inside and outside the jumble.

Kempton_005 copy

Moto Guzzi

Kempton_017 copy

Vincent HRD


I have a few more pictures from Popham, there are always some nice bikes both in the show area, and in the carpark…

I quite fancied this 1969 T120 project, but is it right?

Popham-2016_003 copy

Triumph T120?

Nice old Guzzi in the car park.

Popham-2016_060 copy

Moto Guzzi V7 750 Special

Trident Cafe Racer.

Popham-2016_028 copy

Tripple Power

Popham-2016_029 copy

Cafe Triton

Wonderful Norton.

Popham-2016_042 copy

Nearly perfect Norton

Nice Yamaha in the car park.

Popham-2016_069 copy

Yamaha XS

BSA? SR400 special.

Popham-2016_026 copy

BSA Special

Just A Saturday…

Posted: May 14, 2016 in Just Me
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So it was just another Saturday, too short as usual, and too much to fit in, but it was sunny, and things needed to be done, starting with a little ride to a lane I have passed many times, but never been up, so out with R60, and a ride into Hampshire…

Norton-Eldo_008 copy

The road to Ibworth

Norton-Eldo_009 copy

I wonder where it goes?

Next I had to go and see how my Norton Clubman was coming along, very well as it happens, and I even ran today, just a few more parts to finish, and it will be time for the road…

Norton-Eldo_014 copy

Brooklands Can and bum pad

Norton-Eldo_012 copy

Will it start

Finally what do you do if you want a blower Bentley, but don’t have the odd million to buy one? Well easy just buy an old Rolls Royce and build your own version from scratch.

Norton-Eldo_021 copy

Bentley Special, Hand Made.

Norton-Eldo_023 copy

Supercharged Special

Norton-Eldo_022 copy

Do it yourself Special, all hand formed

Another fine Jumble put on by Eric, and the guys from EGP, if you have never been, you really are missing a good day out. This is the Motorcycle Jumble by which all others are judged, and so very often fail.

I will show some of the items for sale in another post, but first I will show you a special that was parked in the car park. You always get some bikes that are worth seeing, but this was a step above the average special, and almost looked like a factory build.

Norton/Harley special, Nice work indeed.

Kempton-03-16_055 copy

Narley, Norton Harley 45 special

Kempton-03-16_053 copy

Norton/Harley Special

Kempton-03-16_056 copy

Harley 750 “WL” series motor, Norton “Dolls Head” gearbox

Kempton-03-16_057 copy

Norton ES2/Model 18, Garden Gate plunger frame

Kempton-03-16_054 copy

Special? yes it is.

I wonder if the guy who owns it will see this, and drop me a line with a few build details? What a great build.


Saddle Up!!..

Posted: May 15, 2015 in Just Me
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As a couple of people have asked, I shall show you all how the newly recovered seat looks on the bike…

Recovered Seat

Recovered Seat

First fitting

First fitting

Looking pretty good...

Looking pretty good…

I have been making a little headway with the Tribsa, after attaching a battery, I was pleased to find all the lights, switches, and horn working. One of the carbs is damaged beyond repair, so I have ordered a new pair.  I have also fitted the new Goldstar silencers…

New Exhausts.

New Exhausts.

70's Cool.

70’s Cool.

You never know what you might find when walking around Kempton bike Jumble, and that was the case yesterday, when shortly before going to the pub for lunch, I came across this old long forgotten Tribsa special.

Kempton Project Tribsa

Kempton Project Tribsa

98% complete, and looking like it just needs a good service, it had a lot of interest from the passing hoards, but after nearly five hours, no one had bought it. Well that is until I showed up.

Consisting of an BSA “A” series frame, with a pre unit Triumph T110 650 bottom end, and a T120 alloy head and twin AMAL carbs. It also has a BMW TLS front hub/brake assembly. I thought the price was very good, and a lot cheaper than most of the other projects that were at Kempton that day, so I agreed to buy, and it was delivered last Sunday.

Another Project

Another Project

The bike had one owner, who built it himself as you see it, last ridden to the IoM TT, in 1976, the guy then got married, and the bike was put at the back of the garage with another bike, and that is where it spent the next thirty nine years.

I know the frame came new, unstamped from Nourish for I think it was £18.00, I have the paperwork to confirm this from the time of purchase. it has other parts bought from Alf Hagon’s, The frame was given a frame number, and reg number from Essex County Council so has a unique number. I have the original receipt for this, and letter from the council to confirm.
Short Norton Road-holder forks, and the BMW Earles fork,TLS front hub/brake assembly, and Girling shocks.



Not too bad for 39 years

Not too bad for 39 years

BMW Brake

BMW Brake

Triumph T110

Triumph T110