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VMCC Shepton Jumble…

Posted: September 24, 2016 in Just Me
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It was a perfect autumnal day down in the west country for a visit to the VMCC Shepton Mallet Jumble, and as such there were loads of people milling about. And of course for me, this was a great chance to find some needed parts for my A65 project. although to be fair I was not really looking for anything in particular, but anything related to the front end would be a good score.


Nice Terrot


Bengali Tornado


Bengali Brake


Tornado 650


Brit Bikes

So what did I get then?

well I managed to get a complete twin leading shoe brake front wheel assembly, a BSA B25 remote oil filter, some old spanners, a headlight grill stone guard, and a fuel line crossover unit for my Guzzi. Along with general consumables.

A good day.

Down at Kempton Jumble…

Posted: October 15, 2011 in Just Me
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It was another bike jumble (flea market) at Kempton Park today, so I loaded up and headed out…

Fantastic old French Terrot…



Terrot Motor

It was a fun day out, the sun was warm, and there was plenty to see and photograph, as you will see if you follow the slideshow link below..