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Guzzi V7 700…

Posted: February 15, 2020 in Just Me
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Rider’s Handbook

Just Guzzi Stuff…

Posted: August 29, 2018 in Just Me
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I love finding old period adverts, here are a few Guzzi pages, all found on the web.




Moto Guzzi


Guzzi V7

More Guzzi Chronicles…

Posted: July 24, 2016 in Just Me
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One of the problems associated with the round barrel loop frame Guzzi’s is the notorious chrome bores, I guess they thought it was a good idea back in the day, but time has not been kind to this idea, and the chrome can flake from the bores, and destroy a motor in no time. So the answer is easy, just fit a new barrel and piston kit from Gilardoni, these are Nikasil lined and have no such problems.


Gilardoni Barrel Kit.


New Barrel

I changed the barrel on the left side last weekend, but have had a niggling doubt that I fitted the oil ring the wrong way up. So today I again pulled the left side down to make sure all was well, and of course it was, so I then put it all back together, and torqued it all down tight.


Going back together

The other upgrade I have been doing while I have the bike on the bench is to fit a new Alternator upgrade kit from Scrambler Cycle in the US. This comes complete ready to fit and is way lighter than the original generator assembly.


Alternator in the background

I have been laid up now for three weeks, since my trip into hospital, so as such I have not done anything motorcycle related, which I find frustrating. The weather is what you expect this time of year, wet, windy, and getting cold. But mixed in with that are some real nice chilly sunny days, days like today when you would like to get out for a ride, and get some pictures of what remains of the autumn colours.

So, I have things to do on all three bikes when I feel better, and able to do it. my R80st has been with me now for five or six years, I forget which, but it was bought as a project back on an October day, and dragged back here in the back of my van.  Right now it needs a couple of pushrod seals changing, this will be the second time I have done these since the bike has been in my ownership. But I might wait to do this until the new year.

My R80st

My R80st

BMW R80st

BMW R80st

My Moto Guzzi Ambassador also needs a little work right now, and I shall put this one at the front of the que. I am waiting on a couple of parts to arrive right now,  one being a used cylinder head for the right hand side, as the one fitted has lost the exhaust threads, so the exhaust is glued in place! it has been working Ok, but it is a job that I have wanted to do for a while.  So I am debating on whether to do the valves and guides on both heads at the same time? I shall see when the replacement head gets here.

I also have some new springs on order to fit in the distributor, the small springs that go on the throw out weights, this should be a fun fiddly little job. I also want to change the front brake shoes, as they scream loudly when applied, working better than a horn, and surprising all around.

Moto Guzzi 750

Moto Guzzi 750

And of course my Norton project.

I still have a long list of jobs to do on this bike, and a long list of parts to find also.  But I have the wheels sitting here with new tyres fitted, so as soon as I am able to go and get it from the metal basher, I should at last have it up on two wheels. I can then set to with fitting the motor, and gearbox, and maybe even getting it all wired up. While I look around for the other main parts I need to get it somewhere towards being finished. I do however have a fairly long list of parts that I now need to concentrate on finding.

Chain cases, clutch assembly, headlight, switches, mudguards, stays, magneto, dynamo, carburettor brakes, both front and back, Now this may not seem a lot, but there are some tricky parts to find in there.  I also have some smaller parts that need making up on the lathe, steering stops, plunger caps, etc. I also want to get my oil and petrol tanks in to be painted, I have thought long and hard over this one, as there are so many different styles of paint on these bikes that have been done over the years. But I have scoured the internet for ideas, and I think I will go for something like one of these…

Norton Paint

Norton Paint

Norton Paint

Norton Paint