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At Kempton Again…

Posted: March 11, 2017 in Just Me
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The sun shone again for Kempton, and gave us a nice warm spring day, and this of course bought out plenty of people, and this always gives the place a real buzz. I managed to find a couple of small parts for my A65, so with any luck I can get it fired up soon, and maybe on the road for the summer.

Out in the car park was an unusual special, a V-twin Velocette, very nice.

Kempton_022 copy

Velocette Special

Lots of other nice bikes about the place too both inside and outside the jumble.

Kempton_005 copy

Moto Guzzi

Kempton_017 copy

Vincent HRD


Berkshire Velocette Day…

Posted: July 16, 2016 in Just Me
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One of the smaller events I try to support each year is the local Velocette club meet, at the Cherry Tree pub, in Stoke Row. And once again it never disappointed, with great weather, and some lovely bikes.

And while the Velocette’s looked great, and some of the other attending bikes were also nice, the bike that stood head and shoulders above everything there was a wonderful  old 1920 Indian, in original paint, and thankfully unrestored.

Velocette day 16_003 copy

1920 Indian

Velocette day 16_009 copy

Patina to die for

Velocette day 16_008 copy

Hand clutch conversion

Velocette day 16_007 copy

Indian Summer

It all started on Wednesday, when I bought an older Moto Guzzi pseudo police bike from north of Oxford, I had to collect it the same night, as I was heading off towards the John Bull Rally on Friday morning, so I had to be in Kent Thursday to be sure of making the ferry Friday morning.

Well, the evening started out sunny, but not long after I hit the A34 south towards home, the heavens opened with heavy rain and snow, all the way home. I could not have been colder or wetter, if I had fallen in the sea! but the bike ran pretty well considering the weather, although I do have a few things to sort out before regular use.

Guzzi Eldo-2_003 copy

1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

Guzzi Eldo-2_007 copy

Guzzi Police dash

Guzzi Eldo-2_006 copy

850 Eldo


Friday saw a cold wet ride to the John Bull over in Belgium, a great Rally well organised by the Belgian BSAOC. Good camping, good food, this is always a fun rally to attend if you like old bikes, that are ridden to a rally. Already making plans for next years event.

My R60 played up with a starting issue, that I think was the starter relay, I have fitted a new one today, I shall see how things work out over the next few weeks.

Follow link below to pictures…

Thank you and well done all concerned.

John Bull_027 copy

My BMW R60/6 at the John Bull

John Bull_004 copy

Mr Ed, and his trusty 650 Thunderbolt


On the Monday it was the Fleet Lions Charity Rally, at would you believe, Fleet. And a fine sunny day it was too, pictures in link below..

Fleet Lions 2016_104 copy

Triton at the Lions Rally.

Velocette Day…

My local branch of the Velo club always put on a good open day, and this year was no exception. It was a perfect English summer day, following on from what was the fiercest thunder storm I can remember overnight. It was like a war zone here in Berkshire, I have truely never heard thunder so loud and for so long, and that was followed by monsoon style rain, amazing stuff.

But today was fine, the air was clear, the humidity had gone, and England was the green and pleasant land we all know and love. So I called up a couple of friends from the Triumph club, and we hit the lanes, crossed the Thames, hit some more lanes, and headed for the Cherry Tree, a lovely little country pub, and today it was playing host to the Thames Valley Velocette Owners club…

I like the Velocette owners club, they are happy to see you turn up, no matter what you ride, they just appreciate the fact that you bother to come and support them. Other clubs could learn from this openess,and hospitality, in these days of diminishing membership numbers.

A great day out. well done all concerned.

Now don’t forget when looking at the pictures that every bike you see, was ridden to the pub, to trailer queens here, no way, no sir. Ride the things, that is what they were built for.

Norton with Brooklands Can

Norton with Brooklands Can



Classic Class

Classic Class

Velocette's in the Garden

Velocette’s in the Garden

If you would like to see some more from the day out, then follow this link to a slideshow of the rest of the pictures I took…

Velocette Day…

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Just Me
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I have a lot to catch up on this week, summer is here and so much going on.

J.A.P Oil Cap

J.A.P Oil Cap

It ain't easy being green.

It ain’t easy being green.


Wednesday just gone I got a call to a job just along the road from Jack’s, so I called in for a tea, and to grab a couple of pictures.



Norton Engine

Norton Engine

Now tell me this, what poseses a man to make his bike this shiney, it just shows what a long winter will do to a person, he must have gone stir crazy! But fear not, I promise you this, my Norton will never be this clean, good grief I would be embarrassed to go out on a bike like that

More pictures here…

Here is a nice small motorcycle and trailer unit, a Velocette Le, and Pav-41, belonging to Graham Bayley over here in the UK….

Velo and Pav

Velo and Pav