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Flyer… Speed.

Posted: May 26, 2022 in Just Me
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October Kempton…

Posted: October 24, 2018 in Just Me
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Last weekend saw the 2018 October Kempton bike jumble, the sun shone, and plenty of people turned up to make the most of the warm autumn weather, and of course there were some nice bits and pieces for sale too.

Kempton-Oct_003 copy

Norvin project

Kempton-Oct_047 copy

Brough SS100 sprinter

Kempton-Oct_058 copy

Nice old Raleigh project

VMCC Jumble Pirbtight…

Posted: November 18, 2017 in Just Me
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It was a nice little jumble today in the village of Pirbright out near Guildford, cold, damp, and grey, a typical winters day. But this never stopped people turning up on some nice old classics. And I even managed to find a nice little owners club tag for myself.


VMCC Jumble_002 copy


VMCC Jumble_001 copy


VMCC Jumble_006 copy


VMCC Jumble_037

Vincent Owners Club

At Kempton Again…

Posted: March 11, 2017 in Just Me
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The sun shone again for Kempton, and gave us a nice warm spring day, and this of course bought out plenty of people, and this always gives the place a real buzz. I managed to find a couple of small parts for my A65, so with any luck I can get it fired up soon, and maybe on the road for the summer.

Out in the car park was an unusual special, a V-twin Velocette, very nice.

Kempton_022 copy

Velocette Special

Lots of other nice bikes about the place too both inside and outside the jumble.

Kempton_005 copy

Moto Guzzi

Kempton_017 copy

Vincent HRD


And another unexpected bike joins the group.

The lightning seems to have taken up residence on the bench right now, the whole front end is out, the head is away at SRM having a full on valve job, I was hoping the head may have been completed this weekend but not so. As can happen sometimes, I managed to break a piston ring fitting the barrel, and the broken piece of course dropped into the crank cases, and could not be seen. But some fishing around with a telescopic magnet found it in the bottom of the cases. So after again fitting a spare ring to the piston, and some help from Paul, I managed to get the refinished barrels in place, bolted down.


A65L new +20 pistons all fitted.

Next it was time to fit my new SRM magnetic sump kit, after removing the old studs I offered up the new gauze filter, only to find that it did not fit! it seems that SRM sent me out a kit for a B50 or other single, as the hole in the gauze was too small (8.5mm instead of 11.5mm) to go over the scavenger pipe. Luckily my old filter gauze was in very good condition, so I decided to use that rather than wait for a replacement from SRM.

Then it was just a case of bolting it all up to the underside of the motor.


SRM magnetic sump


It won’t stay shiny for long.

Vincent Comet…

I had a call from a mate in the US, telling me to go look over a Vincent Comet with a view to buying it, well a long story short, I did, and so I ended up with a Comet. I never thought I would ever own a Vincent, so getting this has come as a real surprise to me.


Vincent Comet


The Vincent


Vincent 500cc single

Sunday Rambling…

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Just Me
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I managed to start the old 62 Panhead this morning, 50 weight oil, cold garage and wet sump, can make it a little sticky! but a little blast of easy start helped get it moving. So I took it for a short ride on a quiet Sunday morning…Sunday Rambling…

IMG_20160124_122151 copy

My 1962 Harley Duo Glide

IMG_20160124_130936 copy

Sunday Morning on the Panhead

A little later after checking up on my old mum, I took a drive over to see Terry, as he mentioned at Kempton that he had just finished the Vincent he had been building. This really is one mans vision on how a Vincent should be put together, not one for the purists, and all built from parts and hand made pieces. The bike looks great in the pictures, but it is even better up close and personal.

Vincent_013 copy

Vincent Special

Vincent_005 copy

Vincent Black Lightning Replica.

EGP Kempton Jumble…

Posted: July 26, 2015 in Just Me
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Saturday was another of the regular Kempton Motorcycle Jumble’s, run By Eric and his EGP team. These are great jumbles (swap meets for those in the US) very well organised and run by Eric and his team. And as usual for the classic motorcycle enthusiast, there was plenty to see and buy, for those of such a mind.

BSA A65 Racer

BSA A65 Racer

Egli Vincent, Comet

Egli Vincent, Comet

Nice little French parade race bike…

French 175cc Race Bike

French 175cc Race Bike

Last weekend, myself and a friend “Ed” attended the John Bull Rally over in Belgium, hosted by the BSAOC of Belgium, the rally was situated just off a quiet road within walking distance of the Tyne Cott war  graves.

ferry ride

ferry ride

The journey there and back was to the most part uneventful, but I got soaked through on the way to Ramsgate with heavy rain for the whole journey down, but then if you didn’t like getting wet occasionaly, you would never ride Motorcycles over here in the UK.

On getting to France we opted to take all minor small roads to get to the rally site, great roads and almost no traffic, and an hour or so later we were close enough to stop for coffee, and grab a picture or two.



After a coffee at a small Cafe under this Windmill, and some supplies from a local shop,  we were once again on the road, and a few miles later at the rally site to set up camp for the weekend.



Home for the weekend

Home for the weekend

Vincent Comet

Vincent Comet

Kent Shaun on "Uncle Albert"

Kent Shaun on “Uncle Albert”

The Talmag Trial…

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Just Me
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Held annualy at Hungry Hill, Aldershot, and always on the last Sunday in January, was very wet and cold, but still great fun to attend, with the raucous sound of old pre 65 four stroke engines echoing off the trees, and the sweet smell of Castrol R, drifting in the wind, mixed with the smell of grilling bacon and coffee from the vendor in the packed car park.





Vincent 500

Vincent 500

Vincent Comet

Vincent Comet


Posted: January 16, 2012 in Just Me
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As I tidy up the files on my PC, I find I have quite a few combo pictures, bikes with sidecars, so I thought I might share a few with you guys, just for the fun of it.

Norton Outfit


BSA and Single Adult Chair


BSA with Tradesmans Box


Sunbeam Combo


Vincent HRD Combo - "The Fast Lady"