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VMCC Jumble Pirbtight…

Posted: November 18, 2017 in Just Me
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It was a nice little jumble today in the village of Pirbright out near Guildford, cold, damp, and grey, a typical winters day. But this never stopped people turning up on some nice old classics. And I even managed to find a nice little owners club tag for myself.


VMCC Jumble_002 copy


VMCC Jumble_001 copy


VMCC Jumble_006 copy


VMCC Jumble_037

Vincent Owners Club

VMCC Shepton Jumble…

Posted: September 24, 2016 in Just Me
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It was a perfect autumnal day down in the west country for a visit to the VMCC Shepton Mallet Jumble, and as such there were loads of people milling about. And of course for me, this was a great chance to find some needed parts for my A65 project. although to be fair I was not really looking for anything in particular, but anything related to the front end would be a good score.


Nice Terrot


Bengali Tornado


Bengali Brake


Tornado 650


Brit Bikes

So what did I get then?

well I managed to get a complete twin leading shoe brake front wheel assembly, a BSA B25 remote oil filter, some old spanners, a headlight grill stone guard, and a fuel line crossover unit for my Guzzi. Along with general consumables.

A good day.

Shepton Mallet Jumble.

Posted: March 8, 2016 in Just Me
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Saturday saw me heading towards the South West, and the VMCC motorcycle Jumble at the Bath and West show ground at Shepton Mallet. But man was it cold! and to prove this point there was some overnight snow scattered about the hills as we got closer to the site.

Shepton 2016_001 copy

Nice little Benelli project

Shepton 2016_005 copy

Vintage Harley Motor, Model J?

Shepton 2016_011 copy

BSA Project looks good.

More here in the slideshow

And if you fancy joining the VMCC then check out the website here…

Saturday was the VMCC Jumble at Shepton Mallet, down in Somerset. The day was warm and sunny, a perfect spring day, and the jumble was busy, with lots of people selling, and buying, a good day out…



BSA project?

BSA project?



Doing the Pioneer Run…

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Just Me
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My friend Mark runs a 1914 Sparbrook Vtwin outfit, which he likes to enter into the annual Pioneer run, that goes from Epsom downs to Brighton, and as such, I help out by driving the support truck, that drops him off, and picks him up in Brighton if all goes well, or elsewhere if it doesn’t. This year was great, great weather, the bike ran well, with just a few issues, and made it once more to the south coast.  So as usual I took loads of pictures, too many to post on here, so I have added a couple, and a link to a slideshow for the rest.





And here is the link to the slideshow…

A nice Norton 500T trials bike project at Kempton on saturday, I never managed to find the price, but these bikes look great when they are done, as you will see from the picture I took at the Talmag trial on Sunday.

Norton 500T


Norton at the Talmag


There was of course more than one Norton at the Talmag trial…




At the Talmag