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It was a damp start today, and the overnight rain had left us with a layer of salt across the roads, but a couple of us turned up at the Hatchgate for the first Berkshire Z1oc meet of the year, and a run out to the Reading MAG show.
I was on my 1974 Z1b, and I also had my new Bultaco helmet too


Z1b and Bultaco helmet


Berkshire Z1oc


Guy's Z650


Harley Bobber


I will post more pictures from the show later..

Mark’s Bikes..

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Friends
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Mark (Pigford) has sent me a couple more pictures of his sprint Mk2 Z1000 Kawasaki, also his long term road bike a Z1000 also,  has also been given a makeover, with some new white paint ready for the summer..

Mk2 Sprint bike as it arrived


And as it looks now.


Road and Track


New paint for 2012



Looking Back…

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Just Me
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I have been sorting through some old photo’s today,  looking back at some of my old bikes I used to own, so thought I would share some on here too.  It’s funny looking back, at the time I thought getting rid of certain bikes was the right decision, but now there are one or two I wished I had given more time. But then I guess we all feel like this when looking back at the past?

BSA A10 Bobber.

The A10 Bobber was a cool old bike, with siamese pipes and 16″ rear wheel, it sounded sweet too, never did get to finish it though.

Triumph T100-A Tiger

Now I loved this little bike, and did a fair amount of work to it, to get the look I was after,including changing the front brake to an 8″ TLS.

1978 Kawasaki Z650

My Kawasaki Z650, this made it to the cover of a classic bike magazine, I sold it shortly after, a big mistake..

Kawasaki Z1000-A2

My old Z1000, this has been my greatest regret, I should never have sold this bike, and knew that on the day it left, oh well at least I still have the memories..

1st dry sunny day of the year..

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Just Me
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As it was a dry day it seemed like an idea to give the Z1000 a run out, it had not been used in a while as work had been done, forks, brakes, brake lines etc, but it ran up right from the start and feels great with all the upgrades, looking forward to warmer days ahead..

Z1000 Mk2

This is just a blog about motorcycles, good, bad, ugly, stock, or custom. And the people who ride them. My projects, other peoples projects, places to go,  what’s on, what’s been on, Just Motorcycle culture. And although I have launched this now late in 2010, It is really intended to be running from January 2011. So I shall just add a couple of pictures for good measure, just to see how it looks as it flys off into webland.


I guess I should tell you what I ride right here at the begining, so at this time I have an A65 Thunderbolt, built by BSA in 1968 for export to the East coast of the USA, where it hung out until this year when it was shipped back to the UK to be sold, I bought it as a non running project. Just one owner, and two thousand miles on the clock.

1968 Thunderbolt

I also own a 1980 Kawasaki Z1000 – Mk2, this is a UK bike, found earlier this year in a barn, again it was a non running project, and has already this year been through a couple of changes, and is right now undergoing another, the paint as you can see is fresh in red and white, the wheels are soon to be returned to the factory spec of black with polished rims.

1980 Z1000 - Mk2

And lastly for now, my BMW R80ST, we are old friends, as this is my main bike, again when I bought it a few years back it was a long time non runner, but I took a chance, and it has turned out to be a great bike, we have toured around Europe and the UK, loaded up with camping equipment, or run around the back roads just for fun. Those who know will see it is not stock, but I only change things that need to be changed.

R80ST in Wales