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1st Kempton, 2018…

Posted: January 20, 2018 in Just Me
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The weather man said it would be sunny, so of course it rained, and damn it was cold too.   But a Kempton in the wet is better than no Kempton, so obviously we had to attend. And while I never actually bought anything myself, although it was a close call with a 69 Husky 360.

There were in fact three stand out bikes for me today, an early Peugeot, a nice Sunbeam S7, and a very useable BSA A7 tele rigid.

Kempton-Jan18_022 copy


Kempton-Jan18_021 copy

Sunbeam S7

Kempton-Jan18_004 copy


VMCC Jumble Pirbtight…

Posted: November 18, 2017 in Just Me
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It was a nice little jumble today in the village of Pirbright out near Guildford, cold, damp, and grey, a typical winters day. But this never stopped people turning up on some nice old classics. And I even managed to find a nice little owners club tag for myself.


VMCC Jumble_002 copy


VMCC Jumble_001 copy


VMCC Jumble_006 copy


VMCC Jumble_037

Vincent Owners Club

Kempton Jumble…

Damn it was cold here today, it was cold enough to freeze the flame on a lighter Brrrrrrrrr! The marina was frozen, my Mercedes was frozen, did I mention it was cold? but that won’t stop me heading out to a Kempton jumble, and it didn’t, and so I did.

So lets have a look at what was about.

First some French guys were there with a nice CB450 -K1 Black Bomber, and a sweet little Ducati…


Ducati 350

There were also a couple of Sunbeam’s for sale, did I mention it was cold?


Sunbeam side valve

I bought a nice little 5 in 1 Whitworth spanner for my tool roll


Whitworth 5 in 1

And a walk around the car park, revealed this nice 1972 AMF Harley Shovelhead


Harley FLH Shovel

More here… Slideshow

So first outing of 2017, and it starts sunny and dry, just need it to warm up a little now.

A visit to a friends shed…

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Just Me
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I was out getting the project Norton gearbox built today, so I thought I would grab a couple of pictures from the shed while I was there….






Royal Enfield





Posted: January 16, 2012 in Just Me
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As I tidy up the files on my PC, I find I have quite a few combo pictures, bikes with sidecars, so I thought I might share a few with you guys, just for the fun of it.

Norton Outfit


BSA and Single Adult Chair


BSA with Tradesmans Box


Sunbeam Combo


Vincent HRD Combo - "The Fast Lady"



Wednesdays at Jacks

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Just Me
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Every wednesday come rain or shine,although there are more when the sun is out! they gather at Jacks fish and chip restraunt, on the A30 at Bagshot, between 12:00 and 13:30. just a group of old motorcyclists, mostly retired, but with one thing in common, the love of riding old motorcycles.

Sunbeam at Jacks

So if you find yourself in that area on a Wednesday lunch time, why not drop in and have a look…