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Kempton Jumble…

Damn it was cold here today, it was cold enough to freeze the flame on a lighter Brrrrrrrrr! The marina was frozen, my Mercedes was frozen, did I mention it was cold? but that won’t stop me heading out to a Kempton jumble, and it didn’t, and so I did.

So lets have a look at what was about.

First some French guys were there with a nice CB450 -K1 Black Bomber, and a sweet little Ducati…


Ducati 350

There were also a couple of Sunbeam’s for sale, did I mention it was cold?


Sunbeam side valve

I bought a nice little 5 in 1 Whitworth spanner for my tool roll


Whitworth 5 in 1

And a walk around the car park, revealed this nice 1972 AMF Harley Shovelhead


Harley FLH Shovel

More here… Slideshow

So first outing of 2017, and it starts sunny and dry, just need it to warm up a little now.

VMCC Shepton Jumble…

Posted: September 24, 2016 in Just Me
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It was a perfect autumnal day down in the west country for a visit to the VMCC Shepton Mallet Jumble, and as such there were loads of people milling about. And of course for me, this was a great chance to find some needed parts for my A65 project. although to be fair I was not really looking for anything in particular, but anything related to the front end would be a good score.


Nice Terrot


Bengali Tornado


Bengali Brake


Tornado 650


Brit Bikes

So what did I get then?

well I managed to get a complete twin leading shoe brake front wheel assembly, a BSA B25 remote oil filter, some old spanners, a headlight grill stone guard, and a fuel line crossover unit for my Guzzi. Along with general consumables.

A good day.

Shepton Mallet Jumble.

Posted: March 8, 2016 in Just Me
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Saturday saw me heading towards the South West, and the VMCC motorcycle Jumble at the Bath and West show ground at Shepton Mallet. But man was it cold! and to prove this point there was some overnight snow scattered about the hills as we got closer to the site.

Shepton 2016_001 copy

Nice little Benelli project

Shepton 2016_005 copy

Vintage Harley Motor, Model J?

Shepton 2016_011 copy

BSA Project looks good.

More here in the slideshow

And if you fancy joining the VMCC then check out the website here…

Daisy & Kempton…

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Just Me
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I have followed this old Triumph for many miles as we went to one camp or another, infact some of my best motorcycling memories have been following Daisy, and her owner Graham. So I was somewhat surprised to hear through the classic bike grapevine that Graham had sold the old girl! I seem to remember they had covered over 175,000 miles together around Europe. Attending many rallies, in lots of countries.

Yorkshire Quest 001m

Daisy the Triumph Heading for Two Dales.


Daisy In the lanes


Kempton Jumble…

Once again a New Year brings a new Kempton Jumble, and Eric and the crew of EGP made us feel welcome, and even gave us a dry day.

Lots to see, lots to buy, and old friends to catch up with along the way. So all good then.

Kempton-Jan-16_008 copy


Kempton-Jan-16_009 copy

Nice little French Something?

Kempton-Jan-16_029 copy

Very Nice BSA Sloper

And then out in the carpark was this little bobber project in the back of a Chevy Stepside, lots of unusual little tricks and tweaks on this little project.

Kempton-Jan-16_038 copy


I have more pictures on my photo site, you can see them all here…

Kempton Slideshow



EGP Kempton Jumble…

Posted: July 26, 2015 in Just Me
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Saturday was another of the regular Kempton Motorcycle Jumble’s, run By Eric and his EGP team. These are great jumbles (swap meets for those in the US) very well organised and run by Eric and his team. And as usual for the classic motorcycle enthusiast, there was plenty to see and buy, for those of such a mind.

BSA A65 Racer

BSA A65 Racer

Egli Vincent, Comet

Egli Vincent, Comet

Nice little French parade race bike…

French 175cc Race Bike

French 175cc Race Bike

Netley Marsh…

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Just Me
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Netley Marsh Eurojumble…

I attend this event every year, but this year may well be my last. The numbers were well down on previous years, the Saturday was just a waste of a day, most vendors had or were packing up and leaving by mid morning, but the event organisers still expected visitors to pay the full amount to enter what was in reality a fast emptying field!

Now I have had my moan, I will say that the Friday was still a good day, and I managed to find some good parts for both my Norton’s. including a set of chain cases for the clubman project, which I was very pleased to find.



Here is a link to the slideshow of pictures from Netley Marsh…



Kempton Jumble…

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Just Me
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Yesterday (Saturday) it was another Kempton bike jumble, the sun was out but not warm, but that is good enough for me,  so it was time to mooch around all the stalls, to see what was for sale…

But first a couple of shots from the car park, a nice BSA three wheeler, and a hard tail knucklehead, now both of these are on the hot side of cool.

BSA Three Wheeler

BSA Three Wheeler



As usual, there was plenty of other stuff to look at both inside the jumble, and out in the parking lot…

Barn fresh Triumph

Barn fresh Triumph

Silk 700S

Silk 700S

Zonnebeke, Belgium. 26th January

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Friends
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If you have nothing to do over the weekend of January 26th, why not drop along to the Bric & Brac autojumble at Zonnebeke, in Belgium. Why not make a weekend of it and include a visit to Bruges too?

Bric & Brac

Bric & Brac

More info can be fond here…

Wow January is here already, and that must mean a new year of Jumbling at various venues, but always starts for me with a visit to Kempton Park… so here are a few dates for your diary.

Indian Project

Indian Project

EGP Kempton Park Motorcycle Jumble Calendar of Events 2014:

Kempton Bike Jumble Sat. 25th January 2014

Kempton Bike Jumble Sat. 22nd March 2014

Southern Classic Bike Show & Auto-Jumble Sat. 24th May 2014

Kempton Bike Jumble Sat. 26th July 2014

Kempton Bike Jumble Sat. 20th September 2014

Kempton Bike Jumble Sat. 25th October 2014

Southern Classic Off Road Show & Auto-Jumble Sat. 6th December 2014

Honda Project

Honda Project

See you there…

October at Kempton…

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Just Me
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I have not posted much of late,  I had a bad cold which kept me from work, the weather has been bad, and now winter is drawing in, in fact summertime ends tonight, and the clocks go back,  and if that wasn’t bad enough, it snowed here in the UK today, snow in October, what is that all about? at least it never settled, but it left us with a very cold north wind for the day.


BSA RGS Replica

I had a bit of luck while looking around, I came across a side stand for my Norton project, these are real hard to find, and this one should clean up just fine.

Norton Sidestand