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Well I think the flyer says it all, always a great rally, with great hosts, and the BSA Belgium owners club welcome all riders of old or classic bikes.


38th BSA John Bull Rally

jb flyer 2019

John Bull Rally 2019

John Bull Rally 2018…

Posted: February 27, 2018 in Just Me
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John Bull Rally, Belgium

Even though my Guzzi let me down, I did eventually make the Rally in Belgium,

John Bull 17_072 copy

John Bull 17

By the time I was dropped off at my lockup, the day was fast disappearing, and it was now early afternoon, so I unloaded the Guzzi, and put that bike safely in my lockup, and loaded everything onto my little Triumph, all loaded, and without so much as a coffee, I was once again heading for Dover, the ferry, and onto the John Bull. Nobody thought I would go, and who can really blame them, it is a fair drag from my place to Dover, and even worse on a Friday, and especially one that coincides with a holiday weekend, but I was once again on the road.
It was four pm when I finally got to the ferry port, and I had just missed a ferry, the next one was at six pm, then you get a two hour crossing to France, you then lose another hour as they are on a different time zone, so it would just be getting dark when I get off the ferry. I then had to head out into unknown territory as I made my way slowly to the camp site in Belgium, and as the darkness grew, so the temperature dropped, and it was freezing when I arrived about an hour and a half later. I then had to pitch the tent before joining all my friends for a well earned beer.

So Saturday morning it was time for a mooch about before brekkie…

Some you will recognise Ed’s A65 Thunderbolt…

John Bull 17_005 copy

Ed’s 1970 A65T

John Bull 17_020 copy

Bryan’s Flash and box.

Now Ed, had a relation who fought and died in the Great war, and a few years ago we went in search of this man at the Tyne Cott cemetery, and having found his name we thought it was job done, but Ed found out about a little private museum on a farm in Passandale, right there in the fields where his late relation stood and fought, so last time out we searched for this farm but we never found it. So this time I said to Ed I would find the place and we would go, and I did, so Mr Ed emailed the young man who started the museum, and arrangements were made for a saturday visit, so a few of us loaded up, and a short ride later we were there. Funnily enough, we were on the right road last time, but never went far enough to find the farm, Pond Farm.

John Bull 17_041 copy

DIY WW1 tank, big boys toys.

He has a WW1 tank buried on his land, he knows where it is, but he is not allowed to dig it out, so he built his own.

Dieter and his mate just dropped down for the weekend from Hamburg, a round trip of over 1000 miles on girder rigid twins.

John Bull 17_076 copy

Girder Rigids

More pictures in the slideshow here…



I have been busy over the last couple of weekends as I prepare my Guzzi Eldo for an upcoming trip to Belgium, and my annual visit to the John Bull rally.  But it was not all as simple as it could have been, problems, including one of my own making, made what should have been a simple service job, a much bigger problem.

First I could not get the bike running on both cylinders, this was caused by me putting the right hand carb slide in the carb the wrong way round, and compounded by my failure to see the problem. But as it turned out, when turned around, the bike very nearly ran great.  Next up was a sluggish starter problem, this was caused by a cheap aftermarket ignition switch causing high resistance,  too the extent that it had cooked the main ignition feed wire from the battery to the switch.

This meant I had to open up the whole harness, and replace any melted wires I found, and there were a few, but I soon got it done and working again, although I have decided to order a new harness from Greg Bender over in the US.

Guzzi Eldorado

Out for a test run

Lastly I had to change the fork oil, and fit a luggage rack, the rack is not perfect and needs some refinement, but it will do for the upcoming rally. This will be my longest ride on the Guzzi since buying it last year, so I am hoping all goes well, we shall see.

It all started on Wednesday, when I bought an older Moto Guzzi pseudo police bike from north of Oxford, I had to collect it the same night, as I was heading off towards the John Bull Rally on Friday morning, so I had to be in Kent Thursday to be sure of making the ferry Friday morning.

Well, the evening started out sunny, but not long after I hit the A34 south towards home, the heavens opened with heavy rain and snow, all the way home. I could not have been colder or wetter, if I had fallen in the sea! but the bike ran pretty well considering the weather, although I do have a few things to sort out before regular use.

Guzzi Eldo-2_003 copy

1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

Guzzi Eldo-2_007 copy

Guzzi Police dash

Guzzi Eldo-2_006 copy

850 Eldo


Friday saw a cold wet ride to the John Bull over in Belgium, a great Rally well organised by the Belgian BSAOC. Good camping, good food, this is always a fun rally to attend if you like old bikes, that are ridden to a rally. Already making plans for next years event.

My R60 played up with a starting issue, that I think was the starter relay, I have fitted a new one today, I shall see how things work out over the next few weeks.

Follow link below to pictures…

Thank you and well done all concerned.

John Bull_027 copy

My BMW R60/6 at the John Bull

John Bull_004 copy

Mr Ed, and his trusty 650 Thunderbolt


On the Monday it was the Fleet Lions Charity Rally, at would you believe, Fleet. And a fine sunny day it was too, pictures in link below..

Fleet Lions 2016_104 copy

Triton at the Lions Rally.

This past weekend I attended the annual John Bull Rally, over in Belgium, hosted by the Belgian BSA OC, it was a cold damp, but great weekend. Well organised, great beer and food, good bands, and great people.

Thanks guys, you did good.

John Bull_024 copy

BSA and wall art.