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The Lightning Project… part six.

Posted: September 30, 2016 in Just Me
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I just ordered and received this new SRM magnetic sump plate assembly for the BSA Lightning. The quality is outstanding as I hope you can see from the pictures.

I also sent my head off to SRM to have new valves, guides etc. It is right about now that I hope the bottom end is all ok! everything seems fine but I won’t know for sure until I fire the bike up. A scary thought.


SRM sump kit.


A couple of pictures from todays visit to my lockup, first up is the front wheel I picked up yesterday at Shepton jumble, as you can see the brake plate is nice, but the rim is shot, so I think I may well get a new rim fitted when I do the front end change.


8″ twin leading shoe


8″ brake plate

The Amal 930 carbs are to head for the ultrasonic tank, matched pair R41  L42


Amal Mk1

And back at the last Kempton Jumble, I picked up a nice set of Craven Comet panniers, and an old rack that may well end up being fitted to the Lightning. or maybe they will go on my Guzzi, we shall see.


Classic Craven Comet panniers

A New Winter Project…

Posted: September 4, 2016 in Just Me
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As one project gets close to ending (the Guzzi Eldo), then I feel the need for something else to fettle in my little lock up, so look what followed me home from Netley Marsh this weekend…

A 1970 BSA A65 Lightning. Originally found in a barn in Indiana over there in the US of A, and sold by the widow of the owner. it is in amazing unmolested condition, apart from those hideous bars! it still has the original keys for both ignition and steering lock. no rust anywhere and the tank inside is all shiney and new looking. But it could all really do with a good clean.
Yes there are a couple of things that need sorting, fork gaiters, bars, and the rear light lens, and guard were damaged in shipping. but with a battery connected, all the lights etc work, as does the ammeter, and when kicked over there is a good spark at the plugs, and a good oil return at the tank.

BSA_011 copy

1970 BSA Lightning

BSA_025 copy

A65 650cc motor

BSA_026 copy

Needing a little work

BSA_014 copy

A good winter project

EGP Kempton Jumble…

Posted: July 26, 2015 in Just Me
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Saturday was another of the regular Kempton Motorcycle Jumble’s, run By Eric and his EGP team. These are great jumbles (swap meets for those in the US) very well organised and run by Eric and his team. And as usual for the classic motorcycle enthusiast, there was plenty to see and buy, for those of such a mind.

BSA A65 Racer

BSA A65 Racer

Egli Vincent, Comet

Egli Vincent, Comet

Nice little French parade race bike…

French 175cc Race Bike

French 175cc Race Bike

My BSA History…

Posted: December 21, 2013 in Just Me
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I have had a couple of BSA’s in the past, and it has really been a bit of a love hate relationship with them all. I like the design, and style of the bikes, but right now I hate the fact that so many have been worked on by people who should never be allowed to own tools!





BSA Road Rocket

BSA Road Rocket



1967 Thunderbolt

1967 Thunderbolt

The 67 Thunderbolt was easily my all time favourite BSA, and one I still regret selling.



More from Wales…

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Just Me
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We had a great trip to Wales, weather wasn’t great but it only rained foer a couple of days, but it was windy and cold, I guess that is the price you pay for going early in the year, but the benefit is the empty roads.


BSA A65 and Enfield 350


One of the roads we took in this trip was the Elan Valley road, you need to google this to see how good it is, but it is that good I will be going back to have another go.


Elan Valley



Spitfire in NYC..

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Friends
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I had some shots in from Wade in New York, of his BSA A65 Spitfire out in the big apple, cool bike, cool city.

Thanks Wade..


Spitfire in the Big Apple




A65 Spitfire at the Sidewalk Cafe


You can check out Wades work here…