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Today was a cold, bright day, with little wind, a perfect day for a walk around Kempton bike jumble..


Harley Shovel AMF

The head scratcher is a Turner By Van

A Rally Ride…

Posted: March 28, 2022 in Just Me
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This past weekend, we adjusted our clock’s and put them forward an hour into British summer time, and this same weekend the Moto Guzzi club UK, have the first of two rallies, this one being the “Clox forward” rally, the other in October is of course the “Clox back” rally. Now as it happens I have not made a bike rally on a bike for the last two years, ill health and covid having put paid to any thoughts I had in this design, But Friday saw me getting home from work, and loading my W650 for the first of the two clox rallies, and heading out into the Friday afternoon traffic as I pointed the front wheel west and Tewksbury, and the destination for the rally at the Lower Lode inn, on the banks of the river Severn in Gloucestershire.

Saturday Sunrise
“Old Smokey” wearing new paint

And what a cracker too…

Kempton-may 18_0009 copy

Kawasaki H1b 500


And outside was a nice Knucklehead custom..


Kempton-may 18_0003 copy

Harley Knucklehead Custom

Yesterday March 10th was another Mortons Media run Kempton Park Jumble, and although the weather was predicted to be wet and rainy, apart from one small shower it was a very nice day, warm with just a little sun thrown in. It had the usual mix of old, and not so old motorcycles and parts for sale, and plenty of people milling around to make the day interesting.

kempton_010 copy

Nice Triumph for sale

kempton_024 copy

Complete AJS Barnfind

kempton_041 copy

“Old Smokey” Bob’s 70’s Harley Shovelhead

If you would like to see some more pictures from the day, then check out the attached slideshow link Slideshow       

1996 HD 1340 FLHTC…

Posted: March 9, 2018 in Just Me
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IMG_20180309_172920_393 copy

96 Harley FLHTC.

Started pulling the tour pak from the Harley, chrome next, I am sure there is a bike under there somewhere.



Kempton Jumble…

Damn it was cold here today, it was cold enough to freeze the flame on a lighter Brrrrrrrrr! The marina was frozen, my Mercedes was frozen, did I mention it was cold? but that won’t stop me heading out to a Kempton jumble, and it didn’t, and so I did.

So lets have a look at what was about.

First some French guys were there with a nice CB450 -K1 Black Bomber, and a sweet little Ducati…


Ducati 350

There were also a couple of Sunbeam’s for sale, did I mention it was cold?


Sunbeam side valve

I bought a nice little 5 in 1 Whitworth spanner for my tool roll


Whitworth 5 in 1

And a walk around the car park, revealed this nice 1972 AMF Harley Shovelhead


Harley FLH Shovel

More here… Slideshow

So first outing of 2017, and it starts sunny and dry, just need it to warm up a little now.

American Iron…

Posted: May 21, 2016 in Just Me
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A couple of nice American bikes at Kempton bike jumble today…

Kempton_001 copy

Nice Harley in the car park..

Kempton_003 copy


Kempton_002 copy

Classic Indian.

Another fine Jumble put on by Eric, and the guys from EGP, if you have never been, you really are missing a good day out. This is the Motorcycle Jumble by which all others are judged, and so very often fail.

I will show some of the items for sale in another post, but first I will show you a special that was parked in the car park. You always get some bikes that are worth seeing, but this was a step above the average special, and almost looked like a factory build.

Norton/Harley special, Nice work indeed.

Kempton-03-16_055 copy

Narley, Norton Harley 45 special

Kempton-03-16_053 copy

Norton/Harley Special

Kempton-03-16_056 copy

Harley 750 “WL” series motor, Norton “Dolls Head” gearbox

Kempton-03-16_057 copy

Norton ES2/Model 18, Garden Gate plunger frame

Kempton-03-16_054 copy

Special? yes it is.

I wonder if the guy who owns it will see this, and drop me a line with a few build details? What a great build.


Joining The Collection…

Posted: February 21, 2016 in Just Me
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Back in January I had a look at a 1962 Matchless G12 650 twin.  Well a week or so ago I managed to get a ride on the bike, and I have to say it was really quite good. So good in fact that I bought the bike. So this bike has now joined my little collection and I hope to get some good use out of it over the summer months. The AJS/Matchless club meet just three miles from me as well, so I shall drop in there when the evenings drag out a bit.

2016-02-14 13.44.26

62 Matchless G12


Matchless 650

Matchless_005 copy

Matchless G12

And another bike has also joined the fleet, but this is really just a hack to be kept outside and used as a general runabout. Yesterday (Saturday) I dropped into my local garage, and they had this Sportster in as a trade sale, no frills, no warranty, just an old bike that needed to be moved on.  just as you see it here. we cleaned the carb, put some air in the tyres, and took it for a short ride. it starts, stops, everything works, and it doesn’t leak any oil.
Is it an 883 0r 1200? now there’s a question! it is registered as an 883, but the garage were told it had a 1200 upgrade, but without pulling the heads you can’t really tell. so I am happy with 883, it also has the usual Screamin Eagle stage one kit fitted. low milage too for a 1999 bike.


Harley Sportster


Harley Hack

Sunday Rambling…

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Just Me
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I managed to start the old 62 Panhead this morning, 50 weight oil, cold garage and wet sump, can make it a little sticky! but a little blast of easy start helped get it moving. So I took it for a short ride on a quiet Sunday morning…Sunday Rambling…

IMG_20160124_122151 copy

My 1962 Harley Duo Glide

IMG_20160124_130936 copy

Sunday Morning on the Panhead

A little later after checking up on my old mum, I took a drive over to see Terry, as he mentioned at Kempton that he had just finished the Vincent he had been building. This really is one mans vision on how a Vincent should be put together, not one for the purists, and all built from parts and hand made pieces. The bike looks great in the pictures, but it is even better up close and personal.

Vincent_013 copy

Vincent Special

Vincent_005 copy

Vincent Black Lightning Replica.