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Italian Classic…

Posted: December 5, 2017 in Just Me
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As I have mentioned before ,I have a real soft spot for small cc Italian motorcycles, and as their prices and popularity are on the increase world wide, it would appear I am not alone. There are usually one or two that will turn up at Kempton, this one looked the part with the racing style seat, and clip on bars.

Kempton-Dec17_012 copy

Italian style

Kempton-Dec17_011 copy

Moto Giro?

Last Kempton of 2017…

Posted: December 2, 2017 in Just Me
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Today (Saturday) was the last Kempton jumble of 2017, lots of people, lots of project bikes, and loads of spares, what’s not to like? and I bumped into a shed load of friends which is always good.

So all in a good day out.

Now there were loads of bikes for sale, a few of which I would have liked to take home, but this Motobi was one I really would have liked, although only a 125cc, I really have a soft spot for the small capacity Italian bikes.

Kempton-Dec17_015 copy

Motobi 125 Sport Special

Kempton-Dec17_016 copy

Motobi Import

Kempton-Dec17_014 copy

Small capacity cool

Some recent shots…

Posted: June 15, 2017 in Just Me
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Blimey this year is running too fast, next week will be mid summer, and then it is all downhill to Christmas! and the older I get the less I enjoy winter. So some recent pictures from  Italian day.

Italian day_010 copy

Moto Guzzi V7 Sport

Italian day_026 copy

Serious Carbs

Italian day_022 copy

Ducati 750 Sport

Italian Bike Day…

Posted: June 10, 2017 in Just Me
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I took the Guzzi Eldo, it was a good day with some cool bikes….


Red Lion, Cassington

More pictures later.

Well it was a wild, wet and windy day for the Kempton autojumble, a huge change on this time last year when we were all walking around in t-shirts. I had a good day, as I managed to find some nice parts for the Norton project, I also collected my rebuilt rear wheel for the Norton too. But back to this post, once more at Kempton, there were a couple of nice small Italian motorcycles there, and if I had the funds available, I would have liked to have bought the Moto Guzzi 125, below.


Moto Guzzi Stornelo

Moto Guzzi Stornelo

And how could you not love to own this small Ducati, it would make a great pit bike.

Ducati 50cc

Ducati 50cc



On Saturday I called over to the Bike Jumble at Kempton Park here in the UK, this is a regular Jumble (Flea Market) held throughout the year, so worth looking out for if you are visiting the UK. The sun was out, so were the people, it was a great day out, and to make it even better, there were loads of small Italian bikes for sale, and a very nice Bultaco Mercurio 125. My favourite thou was the Gilera Sport 150. this was in great running oily rag condition with very nice patina. and if I had taken the money with me, I would have bought it. Perfect bikes for the MotoGiro.


Moto Morini


MotoGiro anyone?


Gilera Sport 150