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Some recent shots…

Posted: June 15, 2017 in Just Me
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Blimey this year is running too fast, next week will be mid summer, and then it is all downhill to Christmas! and the older I get the less I enjoy winter. So some recent pictures from  Italian day.

Italian day_010 copy

Moto Guzzi V7 Sport

Italian day_026 copy

Serious Carbs

Italian day_022 copy

Ducati 750 Sport

Norton, November 1964…

Posted: January 15, 2017 in Just Me
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Now I would love one of these Norton Scrambler models, just too cool.


Norton 750 Scrambler

Clocks Back Rally…

Posted: October 31, 2016 in Just Me
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I headed out to the Moto Guzzi clocks back rally all on me lonesome. So being a Moto Guzzi rally, I grabbed the Triumph Bonnie SE, loaded it it up with my camping stuff in the warmth of an autumn Friday, and headed out with a loose plan to be at Upton upon Severn, eighty or so miles west of me, by lunch time, and a date with with a traditional British lunch in the shape of a steamed, steak and kidney pudding! For I had found out that hidden in the backstreets of Upton was the world famous Pudding Shop & cafe.

Eighty country lane miles later, and I was pulled up outside that very purveyor of savoury goodness, and they were open for lunch…


The Pudding Shop



Steamed Steak and Kidney pudding


The camp site

That was pretty much it for the first day, just time meet a few people, drink a beer or five, and get settled in for the evening in the warmth of a country pub.
The next morning started damp with heavy grey cloud and light drizzle, although it did get a bit heavier during the day, it was not too cold or unpleasant. so after a full english breakfast, I decided to take a walk into town, and have a bit of a mooch about, first then was the river Severn, from where the town gets it’s name. Once a thriving market style town, now though overwhelmed with antique shops, but it does still have a few decent pubs to keep the thirsty traveller quenched.




V7 750 Special in Upton


The Anchor Inn

Another fine Jumble put on by Eric, and the guys from EGP, if you have never been, you really are missing a good day out. This is the Motorcycle Jumble by which all others are judged, and so very often fail.

I will show some of the items for sale in another post, but first I will show you a special that was parked in the car park. You always get some bikes that are worth seeing, but this was a step above the average special, and almost looked like a factory build.

Norton/Harley special, Nice work indeed.

Kempton-03-16_055 copy

Narley, Norton Harley 45 special

Kempton-03-16_053 copy

Norton/Harley Special

Kempton-03-16_056 copy

Harley 750 “WL” series motor, Norton “Dolls Head” gearbox

Kempton-03-16_057 copy

Norton ES2/Model 18, Garden Gate plunger frame

Kempton-03-16_054 copy

Special? yes it is.

I wonder if the guy who owns it will see this, and drop me a line with a few build details? What a great build.


I have had a problem with lack of spark, and it seems that my bike (1951 WL) has been running on battery power alone. To the point where it killed the battery and i had to be recovered.

Today I replaced the blown headlight and Generator bulbs, and after starting the bike, all seemed well, the gen bulb going off as revs increased as you would hope.

But then as I turned on the headlight again all seemed well with the headlight getting brighter as revs increased, but then again it all went bad. the generator lamp came on, got really bright and then blew, at the same time causing a backfire from the motor. So I again replaced the Gen bulb, and the exact same thing happened again.

Ignition Cutout

Ignition Cutout

32E Generator

32E Generator

It is fitted with a 32E Genny, but I did find the two wires were connected to the wrong terminals (would this cause a problem?) I swapped them over to the correct position, and once again replaced the blown Genny lamp, but still had the same result? I seem to be getting a spike in voltage from the Genny?
With the voltage “spike” thing in mind, I put my voltage meter across the battery terminals, and had a steady 7+ volts at the battery, but I would also get a hit at 14 volts? what is going on there.

So the day ended in frustration, trying to catch the fault all to no avail. So I had nothing else to do except drag out the Panhead and go for a ride….

Was Joe Lucas American?…

Posted: August 16, 2015 in Just Me
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I was heading out today to attend the Popham wings and Motorcycle day at Popham airfield, I have been attending this for a few years now, and have never failed to get there, until today.

My newly acquired Harley WL 750 side valve let me down when all the sparks went on strike! not sure where they have gone, but gone they have. I was rumbling along on a sunny Saturday, when it started missing and backfiring, and then dropped to one cylinder, then died. Battery was dead.
No lights, no horn, no spark? Dead!
So a quick call to the recovery team had me waiting around for a while,so I checked all the connections and wires, but nothing obvious, I did however get a dim glow from the lights again. So I am guessing that either the regulator or dynamo have packed up. We shall see.



Breakdown Services

Breakdown Services

And this one was no exception…

I got to ride two of my Harley’s on Saturday, and then Sunday saw me out on my Norton Commando. But first I had to empty the sump of oil from where it had been stood idle for so long, then I fitted a new battery, and we were good to go.


Coffee on the Shovel

Coffee on the Shovel

Harley WL 1951

Harley WL 1951


750 Commando

750 Commando

The Best of British, Norton and Landrover, at Caversham.

The Best of British, Norton and Landrover, at Caversham.