So my Guzzi Eldorado is all back together, and ready for an MoT. But! I have bought three new clutch cables, from two different sources, and none of them fit the lever end, the barrel nipple is too big?  I do happen to have two old original Moto Guzzi cables and these fit with no issues, so I have had to refit an old cable for now. I shall try to order a cable from the US and see if that fits? I wonder if any others have had a problem with these new cables?


Eldorado V850


I have a few more pictures from Popham, there are always some nice bikes both in the show area, and in the carpark…

I quite fancied this 1969 T120 project, but is it right?

Popham-2016_003 copy

Triumph T120?

Nice old Guzzi in the car park.

Popham-2016_060 copy

Moto Guzzi V7 750 Special

Trident Cafe Racer.

Popham-2016_028 copy

Tripple Power

Popham-2016_029 copy

Cafe Triton

Wonderful Norton.

Popham-2016_042 copy

Nearly perfect Norton

Nice Yamaha in the car park.

Popham-2016_069 copy

Yamaha XS

BSA? SR400 special.

Popham-2016_026 copy

BSA Special

Just Like Buses….

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I love Sundays, there is always something to do, but there never seems to be enough Sunday to fit it all in! Today was one of those days, I was up early, the summer sun streaming in through the doors of the barge joined with a cool breeze coming off the river. So I grabbed some money and the keys to the Triumph, and headed out onto empty roads looking for a coffee.
Pretty soon I found a village store that was open and serving coffee, which was followed by a bimble through tiny Berkshire lanes, complete with grass growing along the centre. Next it was over into Hampshire, heading for Popham airfield, where the annual megameet takes place, this is a big bike show and jumble, made even better today by the perfect summer weather.

Once at the show it was nice to see one of the new Brough Superior SS100’s being used out on the road, but just like buses, you don’t get to enjoy just one, but a fantastic site to see two of these rare bikes parked up beside each other…

Popham-2016_011 copy

The Brough Superior

Popham-2016_016 copy

Brough SS100

Popham-2016_013 copy

SS100 at Popham

Popham-2016_005 copy


Popham-2016_006 copy

Brough again

Popham-2016_007 copy

Pure Class

Popham-2016_010 copy

A pair of Brough’s

Popham-2016_008 copy

Superior by name…

It runs!!

well after I sorted out the wiring it does. in fact it started right up at first push of the start button, and sounds pretty good. I just need to do a bit of tidying up, cables, wiring, etc, the usual stuff. I feel I need to order a new wiring loom from Greg though.


Eldorado 850


Police Dash


YSS Suspension


Borrani Rims


As I keep plugging away at the Guzzi Eldo, it continues to get closer to the end, and once more back on the road. The Gilardoni kits are fitted, the Scrambler alternator kit is fitted, most of the wiring is sorted, new YSS rear shocks, new coil, etc. Things are coming together, and maybe this weekend I can have it running once again? We shall see.

Guzzi 850_010 copy

Guzzi Eldorado 850

Guzzi 850_005 copy

Going back together

Guzzi 850_004 copy

Alternator kit

Guzzi 850_003 copy

YSS shocks

Guzzi 850_007 copy

The Sunday Retreat


More Guzzi Chronicles…

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One of the problems associated with the round barrel loop frame Guzzi’s is the notorious chrome bores, I guess they thought it was a good idea back in the day, but time has not been kind to this idea, and the chrome can flake from the bores, and destroy a motor in no time. So the answer is easy, just fit a new barrel and piston kit from Gilardoni, these are Nikasil lined and have no such problems.


Gilardoni Barrel Kit.


New Barrel

I changed the barrel on the left side last weekend, but have had a niggling doubt that I fitted the oil ring the wrong way up. So today I again pulled the left side down to make sure all was well, and of course it was, so I then put it all back together, and torqued it all down tight.


Going back together

The other upgrade I have been doing while I have the bike on the bench is to fit a new Alternator upgrade kit from Scrambler Cycle in the US. This comes complete ready to fit and is way lighter than the original generator assembly.


Alternator in the background

Berkshire Velocette Day…

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One of the smaller events I try to support each year is the local Velocette club meet, at the Cherry Tree pub, in Stoke Row. And once again it never disappointed, with great weather, and some lovely bikes.

And while the Velocette’s looked great, and some of the other attending bikes were also nice, the bike that stood head and shoulders above everything there was a wonderful  old 1920 Indian, in original paint, and thankfully unrestored.

Velocette day 16_003 copy

1920 Indian

Velocette day 16_009 copy

Patina to die for

Velocette day 16_008 copy

Hand clutch conversion

Velocette day 16_007 copy

Indian Summer