Dania Beach Bike Show, FLA…

Posted: January 16, 2017 in Just Me

I wish I could make it, get away from this cold damp weather here in the UK, but I have to go stand in the woods watching some old trials iron at the annual Talmag trial the same weekend.


11th Dania Beach Show.

Norton, November 1964…

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Now I would love one of these Norton Scrambler models, just too cool.


Norton 750 Scrambler

The John Bull Rally, 2017…

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Looking forward to this rally already, I try to make it every year, the BSAOC Belgium always do it just right. If you have an old bike why not come along.


John Bull 2017

Good Bye 2016, Hello 2017…

Posted: December 31, 2016 in Just Me
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As 2016 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have visited my blog, and those who have left a comment or two. it is always nice to get some feedback from people around the world. it proves we are not so different, with our love of old motorcycles to bind us all together.

Have a good 2017.


Now I have a few dates for you guys in the UK, or maybe even those from further afield, if by chance you are travelling to or through the UK at the same time… First up is a list of dates for the Kempton motorcycle jumbles, that you will have seen throughout this blog. This is always a great day out, and worth making the effort for.


Kempton Jumble dates.

Also for January, the 29th,  and an event I try not to miss, is the Talmag Trial, for pre 65 motorcycles with or without sidecar, held at Hungry hill, Aldershot.  Talmag Details

Talmag Trial

Norton at the Talmag

21/01/17 – Springfields Motorcycle Show, Spalding Lincs. Saturday, January 21, 2017 – 10:00 to Sunday, January 22, 2017 – 17:000

4/02/17 – Bristol Classic Bike Show. Saturday, February 4, 2017 – 09:30 to Sunday, February 5, – 17:30 returns to the Bath and West Showground at Shepton Mallet.

25/3/17 – The VMCC BIKE-JUMBLE,  Bath and West Showground at Shepton Mallet.  genuine old bike jumble plus trade stalls selling new spares and accessories. plenty of interesting ‘barn fresh’ bits. Complete bikes for sale as well. Opens 9.30 to 4pm. Free parking, good refreshments . Admission £3. 01297 32853 /

22/04/17 – Bristol Italian Auto Moto festival.

Damn Unreliable Triumph, part 2…

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Incase any of you guys are interested, I came up with two answers to the starting problem.

1. I bought a small power pack assembly, about the size of two mobile phones, that comes with a set of jump leads, and has enough power to start a car. it was just £34 and also has a USB port for charging a phone if needed. I will take a picture later, so you can see.

Here is a video I found on the Tube…

2. When I got the bike back in June, I fitted a new MotoBatt battery, I always fit new batteries to any bike I buy, as it takes the guesswork out of the equation. But when talking to a friend about this, he told me to change the battery again, to a Varta maintenance free type battery, as these have a higher storage voltage, not a lot higher, but over 12.6V. So that is what I did, and even during this cold weather, I have had no further problems so far.


Triumph Bonnie SE


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As it is Boxing day here in the UK (Boxing Day = As servants prepared to leave to visit their families, their employers would present them with gift boxes. Despite its name, Boxing Day, which is celebrated on December 26 in Great Britain, has nothing to do with pugilistic competition. Nor is it a day for people to return unwanted Christmas presents.) and as the sun was out for a change, I decided the1973 Guzzi Eldorado could use a run out, the roads were empty, just me and my Guzzi…


1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado.

Seasons Greetings…

Posted: December 15, 2016 in Just Me

First I would like to thank all you guys from around the world who have visited, and subscribed to my blog, and I hope you find the time to check in from time to time in 2017. And you never know, maybe we will meet somewhere out on the road.

My first trip out on a bike will be to The Phoenix, at Hartley Wintney on new years day.



Seasons Greetings