Two Projects…

Posted: February 6, 2016 in Just Me
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Over the last year, I have bought two projects from EldoMike over on the ADV forum, which in itself is a huge step considering we live so very far apart!, but Mike has graciously stored the bikes for me until he could get close to a friends house down in Georgia.
Well today Mike managed to find the time to drop them off on what is the first step of them coming to the UK, Thanks Mike, I really do appreciate the help and time you put into this.

So it seems I now have two new projects to not only get on the road, but also get on a boat to the UK!…
So shall I show you what I have, well the first, bought last April, is a nice old 850 Eldo, And this is to become my main touring bike, and I have big plans for this, including a trip to Moto Guzzi in Italy for their centenary celebrations…


Moto Guzzi Eldorado

The other was only posted on ADV last week, it is a 1963 BSA Super Rocket. Mike joked and said I should buy it, so I did. A nice complete old BSA, in what looks like pretty unmolested condition, and rust free. This will go on the back burner for a while, at least until the Eldo is sorted out. so may stay in Georgia for a year or so.

63 Super Rocket-010 copy

1963 BSA Super Rocket.



Nice BSA Barn Find…

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Just Me
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A couple of friends over in the US, bought a few BSA’s from a barn in Arkansas, most were unit singles, but in the barn was a low mileage unmolested BSA Super Rocket from 1963, still sitting on its original tyres, and complete apart from silencers and seat cover.

The clocks show just 10k miles, and this backs up the bikes originality, as can be seen from the pictures. A combination of a very dry state, and strong sunshine, have prevented rust, but badly(?) faded the paint on the tank, oil tank and tool box. But the chrome work is surprisingly good considering the bikes age. This is a West coast bike, as can be told by the round tank badge, East coast bikes had the tear drop badges.

63 Super Rocket-010 copy

1963 BSA Super Rocket.

63 Super Rocket-008 copy

Barn Find BSA

63 Super Rocket-004 copy

Faded Glory

63 Super Rocket-007 copy

10634 miles

January is Done…

Posted: January 31, 2016 in Just Me
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I am always glad to see the back of January, it is the most depressing month in my opinion. It is not January’s fault per se, but it has so little to offer, following on from Christmas and the celebrations of the new year as it does. But in amongst the drabness we get the odd glimmer of hope of better days, the days drag out slowly, the odd flower braves the cold dark days, and we sometimes get a day or two of motorcycles to remind us of warmer days ahead.
Today, the last Sunday of the month is when they hold the Talmag trial, I usually go, but I have a bad cold, and it is raining hard, so this year I have passed the walk in the woods, and the smell of Castrol R. But I do have a few pictures to end the month with.

This last week I took my Norton to have a wiring loom fitted, and some other missing parts, clutch, pegs and other assorted stuff. But while there I got to look over some nice old Matchless bikes.

Matchless_020 copy

Classic Motorcycles

Matchless_005 copy

Matchless G12


Nice original 56 G11…

Only two owners from new, totally original, low mileage and has original sales receipt.

Matchless_013 copy

Matchless G11

Introduced for 1956, the Matchless G11 and equivalent AJS Model 30 boasted an engine of 593cc, which went into the newly introduced cycle parts shared with the heavyweight singles range. Along with the new frame came a restyled oil tank and toolbox, full-width front brake and longer seat, while the excellent AMC gearbox – also fitted to Nortons including the Manx – was phased in during the year. ( taken from Bonhams 2013 auction site)

Matchless_014 copy

1956 G11 600cc

Sunday Rambling…

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Just Me
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I managed to start the old 62 Panhead this morning, 50 weight oil, cold garage and wet sump, can make it a little sticky! but a little blast of easy start helped get it moving. So I took it for a short ride on a quiet Sunday morning…Sunday Rambling…

IMG_20160124_122151 copy

My 1962 Harley Duo Glide

IMG_20160124_130936 copy

Sunday Morning on the Panhead

A little later after checking up on my old mum, I took a drive over to see Terry, as he mentioned at Kempton that he had just finished the Vincent he had been building. This really is one mans vision on how a Vincent should be put together, not one for the purists, and all built from parts and hand made pieces. The bike looks great in the pictures, but it is even better up close and personal.

Vincent_013 copy

Vincent Special

Vincent_005 copy

Vincent Black Lightning Replica.

Daisy & Kempton…

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Just Me
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I have followed this old Triumph for many miles as we went to one camp or another, infact some of my best motorcycling memories have been following Daisy, and her owner Graham. So I was somewhat surprised to hear through the classic bike grapevine that Graham had sold the old girl! I seem to remember they had covered over 175,000 miles together around Europe. Attending many rallies, in lots of countries.

Yorkshire Quest 001m

Daisy the Triumph Heading for Two Dales.


Daisy In the lanes


Kempton Jumble…

Once again a New Year brings a new Kempton Jumble, and Eric and the crew of EGP made us feel welcome, and even gave us a dry day.

Lots to see, lots to buy, and old friends to catch up with along the way. So all good then.

Kempton-Jan-16_008 copy


Kempton-Jan-16_009 copy

Nice little French Something?

Kempton-Jan-16_029 copy

Very Nice BSA Sloper

And then out in the carpark was this little bobber project in the back of a Chevy Stepside, lots of unusual little tricks and tweaks on this little project.

Kempton-Jan-16_038 copy


I have more pictures on my photo site, you can see them all here…

Kempton Slideshow



Happy New Year, First Run of 2016..

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Just Me

Yes 2016, wow where do these years go so fast? right then not the best weather to start the year, but a lot better than snow. But that doesn’t stop us getting up, and getting out. And as it was January first, that can only mean the Phoenix, and as that was the case, and due to me selling my Shovelhead, I dragged out the 64 Chevy C10 for a run.

First though I had to go and get it, from off the forecourt at Farnborough…

Phoenix New Year_001 copy

My Chevy C10, Ready to roll

It was busy at the pub, as everybody wants to get out after Christmas.

Phoenix New Year_030 copy

Phoenix Green

Phoenix New Year_020 copy

BSA Goldstar

More in the slideshow below…


Happy New Year All.

Tomorrow is a New Year…

Posted: December 31, 2015 in Just Me
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But today the last day of 2015 I sold my Harley Shovelhead. As much as I enjoyed owning and riding this bike, it just seemed to be one of those bikes that spent as much time in the shop as it did out on the road. So a hard decision had to be made, and I put it up for sale, and today it went to a new home.

Shovel day_001 copy

My 1975 FLH in sunnier times.