The Norton in the Lock-up…

Posted: November 25, 2015 in Just Me
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Just in case anyone was wondering, I am still on the case, and doing a little when I get the time. always heading forward and the list keeps getting shorter….

Do you remember that old beat up oil tank with the big hole the side, well that is fixed, and the whole shooting match has now had a splash of paint too, along with tank…

Norton_001 copy

Old Norton, New Paint

Norton_005 copy

Norton Clubman


A Little Winter Camp…

Posted: November 22, 2015 in Just Me
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With just a few short weeks to Christmas, and winter well upon us in the UK, Graham of G&D fame, invited us to a camp down in Kent. In the little village of Wickhambreaux ( just on the East side of Canterbury, and surrounded by those lovely little Kent lanes.
As you will see from the pictures, the landlord of the Rose Inn, hosted us by letting us camp in his garden (thanks Paul. nice pub, great staff, good beer)

So bike was readied, camping gear sorted, all loaded and ready to go on Friday, Kent here we come….


Camping at the Rose

Now Saturday was at best blustery, at worst, damn cold and real stormy, the wind at times almost dangerous, so plans had to be changed, we cancelled Grandad, it was probably best to leave him in the crypt, and we cancelled flossie. although we did call round to say hello, but that wind was no fun to be riding in.


Tent time


Classic Camping

Come the evening the weather worsened, with heavy rain, and reports of the possibility of snow!!! but the snow never showed, the wind blew through, and we ended up with falling temps, clear skies, and a good frost.




Heading Out.

My New Rally Bike…

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Just Me
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I think I mentioned a little while back, but maybe I never, that I had decided to sell my R80ST, so that meant I had to start looking for another rally bike. Now to be fair I like the whole airhead vibe, the bikes are way cool, and offer so much to so many people, they are like a two wheel Landrover.

So I decided to look around for an older R series airhead, sure I would like an old R69 or R51, but they have got real expensive, so I decided to find one of the twin shock, drum brake models. And what I came across was a nice mid seventies R60/6.

1975 R60/6

1975 R60/6

Airhead R60

Airhead R60

Beemer 600cc

Beemer 600cc

Escape to Hazzard County 4…

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Just Me

Hill Billy sumo wrestling!

Hazzard 4

Hazzard 4

John Bull Rally, Belgium 2016…

Posted: October 27, 2015 in Just Me
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Ok then here is one for your diary.

I love going to the John Bull rally, the Belgian hosts are a real friendly bunch, and always pleased to see you.

John Bull 2016

John Bull 2016

I have had a problem with lack of spark, and it seems that my bike (1951 WL) has been running on battery power alone. To the point where it killed the battery and i had to be recovered.

Today I replaced the blown headlight and Generator bulbs, and after starting the bike, all seemed well, the gen bulb going off as revs increased as you would hope.

But then as I turned on the headlight again all seemed well with the headlight getting brighter as revs increased, but then again it all went bad. the generator lamp came on, got really bright and then blew, at the same time causing a backfire from the motor. So I again replaced the Gen bulb, and the exact same thing happened again.

Ignition Cutout

Ignition Cutout

32E Generator

32E Generator

It is fitted with a 32E Genny, but I did find the two wires were connected to the wrong terminals (would this cause a problem?) I swapped them over to the correct position, and once again replaced the blown Genny lamp, but still had the same result? I seem to be getting a spike in voltage from the Genny?
With the voltage “spike” thing in mind, I put my voltage meter across the battery terminals, and had a steady 7+ volts at the battery, but I would also get a hit at 14 volts? what is going on there.

So the day ended in frustration, trying to catch the fault all to no avail. So I had nothing else to do except drag out the Panhead and go for a ride….

Bell-45 Garage… Toshi Ogawa

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Just Me

I need to get hold of Toshi, I need to talk with him about looking over my WL flathead Harley, but the email I have for him won’t work. So if any of you know Toshi, can you point him in my direction.

51 Harley WL

51 Harley WL

Breakdown Services

Breakdown Services